Nature at its Best! American Bald Eagles

  I love nature. That said, I’m not what you’d call outdoorsy. I love Animal Planet and adventure stories of the outdoors but, my idea of camping is a Holiday Inn. At the moment, I am obsessed with Eagles. Definitely not the Philadelphia ones, especially on Super Bowl week, but real life American Bald Eagles. So I want to share with you my new obsession.     It’s not a Real Estate site, as the link might suggest, it’s an up close and personal link into the lives of Bald Eagles who have gone through love and loss, day
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Seat of the Pants Cooking: Spaghetti Squash edition

  You may have seen the spaghetti squash lasagna recipe floating around Facebook recently. I saved it and gathered the ingredients to make it. You were supposed to cook the squash and scrape out the ‘spaghetti’ part, mix it with ricotta cheese and a bag of baby spinach then layer it back into the shell with spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese. I tried it and thought it was good but, it would be better without putting it back in the shell. It makes a cute presentation in the shell but, you can’t fit everything in there. So, I decided to
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Optimism, Robert Burns and Haggis?

  I’m an optimist by nature. It’s probably how I survived childhood and I’m grateful for it. But, the first few weeks of 2016 have tested a lot of optimists.   Let’s start with David Bowie, 69, and Glenn Frey, 67. Legends in music. Gone too soon. Alan Rickman, esteemed British actor, also gone at 69 years old. Is this the time in my life when people near my age start dropping off the planet? Should we take better care of ourselves? Is it too late? I started blogging to sort through ambivalent feelings about turning 60. Now, at 65,
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  Hospice. How do you envision it? It has become more common, it seems. Or maybe it only seems that way because we are becoming the caregivers for our elderly parents. My father-in-law is now in hospice care and, in a strange way, I feel better about his situation knowing that.     Let’s face it, no matter how you cut it when you go to a ‘senior village’ or in his case a ‘senior high rise’ the chances are good you’re never moving again. It starts out in your own place with total freedom to come and go. Keep up
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stormy sunset

Nightmares of Abuse

  Sexual abuse. Simply typing it makes me uneasy. How could anyone experience it and question their memory? This has been on my mind a lot while working on the memoir. I’ve even had nightmares. I recently discovered an amazing writer, Rachel Thompson, whose survival story is epic, in my mind. The piece I read was on The Good Men project and began with, “I did my first blow job at six years old.” That will get your attention. I’ve since read a lot of her work and it has resonated with me in many ways. On her blog today
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New Year, New Goals

  The holidays are over and it’s time to get down to business for the new year. I’m excited about many of the opportunities ahead this year.     I’ve signed up with a company offering to pay for endorsements on the blog. Not sure what will be offered but you can be sure I won’t endorse anything I don’t like or believe in. After almost six years of blogging, I think it’s time to make a few bucks for my work. Speaking of my work, the artwork, in particular, it was a good year for reconnecting with my first
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longwood 15

Scrooge, Joy and Peace

  ‘Twas the day before Christmas but felt like spring on the coast. We’d planned on going to Philly, see dad, and go to our old church for Christmas Eve service but decided against it. A three-hour round trip in rain and fog isn’t high on my Christmas list. But everything changed when Dave got a call from Watermark, where dad now lives in assisted care. I heard him talking to dad and knew it wasn’t good. I changed my clothes, knowing we would be going into Philly, fog be damned. Dad has an odd kind of dementia that we
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holly wreath

Tech the Halls With Balls of Folly!

  I can’t believe it’s been almost three weeks since my last post. Three weeks of tech hell and the saga continues. So, where were we? Oh, right…I decided to take the new laptop to the geek squad to transfer data from my beloved Vicky Vaio, (yes I named her and I love her), onto my shiny new HP Envy. I haven’t a clue about the name because my experience to date hasn’t been the envy of a soul. The big box store with the geek squad is over forty minutes away on a good day, but this had to
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angry baby bird

Tech Headaches Are THE Worst!

  I bought a new laptop because my Sony Vaio is seven years old and showing its age. Merry Christmas to me! I was worried about losing all those fifty thousand words I labored over in November, so I moved them onto my external hard drive. Now that’s full up and I have nothing else to rely on. Sony no longer makes computers, which breaks my heart. However, I am typing this post on my trusty Vaio because I can’t do a damn thing on the new HP Envy. I am frustrated to tears every time I try. Isn’t it
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You Gotta Have Friends to NaNoWriMo!

    I’ve made it through NaNoWriMo and now the real work begins. The word count, 50k, was met but over the course of writing all those words something completely different from my original intent evolved.     I readily admit much of the word count came from blog posts that date back to the beginning of this blog in 2010. Seems I was purging some inner angst, which is often helpful. Back then I thought no one was reading my words, except a few friends and maybe the occasional family member, so I held nothing back. In the winter
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