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Loving Life in Cape May!

  This week marks eight months we’ve been living in Cape May, so today I thought I would share some random musings about our new lifestyle. It is definitely new to me.   We’ve lived in suburbia and enjoyed city life as well. We’ve had a home at the beach and loved every minute of it.  Cape May is completely different from all of them. We’ve never lived in the country. But, to live in the country within walking distance to the beach is more amazing than I ever could have imagined. Our old beach town, Ocean City, NJ, will
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Is Living Longer Really Living?

  For years, my mantra has been, “I don’t want to outlive my usefulness.” What I mean is, as long as I am productive, which could be making dinner or helping a friend through a difficult time, I will feel useful to someone and to myself. And when that time ends I want to quietly take a pill and sleep forever or get run over by a bus and die instantly. How do you arrange that? Obviously you can’t. But, you get my point. We see it all the time on a ‘feel good’ evening news piece. Some poor woman
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The Importance of Girlfriends

    Growing up I was never in one place long enough to make many friends, especially close girlfriends. But, sometimes friends find their way to each other even when it seems completely unlikely. When I was seven my uncle met the love of his life. He was eighteen she was ‘an older woman’. Not only older, she was a divorcee. Of course, my mother was on her third marriage at the time, so it went, mostly, unnoticed at our house. The love of my uncle’s life became my surrogate mother for many years. And through her I met my
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Arts and Flowers

I have to stop promising new posts on the facebook page. I seem to forget, life sometimes gets in the way. Or maybe I’m just feeling lazy because it’s pouring rain. As I looked through old posts for one to recycle I came across this one which is definitely worth a second look, if you don’t mind. It’s a good one and it fits perfectly this week since selling my wares has been top of mind.     I may have mentioned before how much I miss the flower biz. I do for several reasons, but mostly for how it always
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Please STOP Gender Shaming!

  I saw this on facebook the other day and it enraged me. It should enrage everyone. It’s not cute, it’s not amusing, it is gender shaming right out of the womb.   Allow me to share a little personal history with you. The cute photo of me in the little red dress I’ve used on the blog and facebook header was taken about six months before I got my first pair of glasses.     From that point on I was the scrawny little girl with glasses. Even after eye surgery, at nine, I wore glasses and remained scrawny.
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sharing a secret

I’m Coming Out of the Closet!

  When my website was updated, about a year ago, I made a decision I now regret. After four years of blogging I was ready to, perhaps, make a buck or two from my work. It’s great doing what you love, but it is work keeping everything up and current. It occurred to me my occasional rants might have inhibited finding said buck. Brands and sponsors might be hesitant to support my views, even if they agreed. So I made the rants disappear from the blog. I didn’t erase them, I just made them private. I’m glad I didn’t erase
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My Sincere Apology to The Pioneer Woman

  I must apologize to Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. I bastardized her Italian Meatloaf recipe last night, in so many ways, with my ‘seat of the pants’ cooking style, I’m almost ashamed. Almost. First of all, I never make meatloaf. I’ve never been a fan of meatloaf. My husband loves it, but he can’t eat seafood and I love seafood and can’t cook it at home, so I figure we’re even. But when I saw Ree’s recipe online I thought, ‘I could eat that’. Plus, she offered up so many ways you could alter it I figured it would
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Teachers Make All The Difference

  I dreamt this post last night, FYI. Obviously education has been on my mind. I’m not sure why. Many of my friends and family are, or have been, in the teaching profession, and I admire them for what they do. In my dream I was comparing damage done, due to bad teachers, vs. life changing ‘aha’ moments, due to good teachers. I remembered the teachers who made school a safe haven when home was hell, and I remembered a couple who made school a living hell. Good teachers were a gift to students like me. They intuitively knew home
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Cold and Flu, and #BAMC15

  It has been a week! Last Wednesday at this time I was still coughing, but hopeful it would all go away by Friday so I could hop on my flight to Nashville for the #BAMC15. What is BAMC15 you ask? It was the first blog conference for Bloggers at Midlife, a group of fabulous women who prove every day how amazing we ‘women of a certain age’ can be. Despite wishing and hoping my cold would go away it wasn’t letting up. Then, just as I was desperately trying to convince myself it would be gone in the morning,
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I Rise! We All Rise Up Against Domestic Violence!

  This is a 500 word essay I wrote for My Inner Chick, aka Kim Sisto-Robinson, about domestic violence called ‘I Rise’. It was a contest created to shine light on this scourge in our society, which ultimately killed Kim’s sister, Kay. My essay didn’t win, but I hope you will click on the link above and read the winning essay. It is powerful! If we don’t write and talk about domestic violence it stays in the shadows. Only bringing it into the light will create change. I have written many posts over the past five years about domestic violence I
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