A Thanksgiving NOT To Be Forgotten!


How was your Thanksgiving? It’s my favorite holiday, I must admit. I use to love big family gatherings. We always invited friends who were away from their families. Come one come all, that was our motto. There is just something heartwarming about gathering for a feast with family and friends.



I love to cook, as you probably know if you read this blog, and Thanksgiving is the ultimate day for cooking. But, as our son’s families grow and we succumb to the old adage, a son is a son till he takes a wife, it’s usually just the two of us on this day of feasting. That’s a problem for me because I can’t make a small Thanksgiving dinner.

I’ve tried cutting back but, you know…leftovers. You have to have them!

Our friend, Marykay’s husband, passed away recently and she decided to have her Thanksgiving dinner today, Friday. Her children and new grandchild are coming, and she invited us, too. We are happy to join them.

But, I still had to make my own Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, and that’s where the crazy starts to seep in.

I subscribe to the NYTimes food section online, and Mark Bittman showed a video last week of how to roast a turkey in 45 minutes. It looked so simple I thought, why not try it? Well, here are a few reasons why not:

*If you’ve never had any butchering experience, it could be a problem.

*If you don’t have the proper size roasting pan, it could be a problem.

*If you forgot to clean your oven and you’re going to set the temperature to 425 degrees, it could be a problem.

Before I get to that fiasco, let me tell you about the stuffing I made for an army. Oh, nevermind about that. It can be frozen and thrown out by Christmas. At least the sweet potatoes were a reasonably sized dish, and we have gravy for at least a month.



So, we watched the video a couple of times and waited until we had about an hour before dinner to tackle the bird. Hey, he said it only took 45 minutes!

I had finished the 8”x13” pan of stuffing, and it only needed reheating, the broccoli would be done in the microwave, and the sweet potatoes would take a few minutes while the bird rested.

So, Dave brings out the big cutting board and plops the bird on it. We watch the video one more time. Dave gets out the boning knife and starts to cut. I was tending to other things, and the swearing began. I asked what the problem was and he said he couldn’t get the bone out, as shown in the video. I was trying to stay out of the way but when I noticed he had the bird on its back, and it was the backbone that was supposed to come out I saw the problem.

More swearing as he flipped the bird over. Mission accomplished? Not so much.



We don’t have a large square roasting pan, like the one in the video. Ours are rectangular. That had not crossed my mind. So as the oven pre-heated to the temperature on the sun, Dave pieced together 2 cookie sheets and covered them with foil. He’s crafty like that.

We got the bird on the pans and into the oven. The oven that had not recently been cleaned.

At that point, we were already exhausted and opened the first bottle of Nouveau Beaujolais. Before we could finish one glass, the smoke detector started, and the dogs freaked out.

Dave went upstairs and started fanning the smoke away, we opened the front and back doors a bit, and it stopped. Temporarily. We still had about twenty minutes to go! More wine? Yes, please!

Dogs were freaking out, we were drinking and inviting the cold air in to stop the madness.

FINALLY, the bird was done. No one suffered smoke inhalation, the dogs settled down, and dinner was served.

This one goes in the books as the craziest ever! But, it was delicious and will never be forgotten, or repeated.

So, how was your turkey day?

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  1. Pia

    I was wondering how hard it would be to splatwhatever the turkey. Thanks! And I need a man for all those pesky things.
    We went to a restaurant that’s usually excellent but it was like assembly line fine dining—-and no appetizers, accouterments or deserts. Even Brussels Sprouts were extra. Creamed spinach wasn’t which made my sister and I very happy.
    It was very nice however. The one Jew For Trump—-not anybody I’m related to—contained himself.

    • Barbara

      Pia, Brussels Sprouts should never be ‘extra’ or even on the menu! ‘The Jew for Trump’…lololol!!

  2. Dianne Burns

    One lesson to be learned, never experiment with a new recipe on a holiday. Thank goodness you didn’t have a house full of company. Glad to hear it turned out okay and I’m sure the wine helped get you through this adventure. Dogs probably did a tasting too.

    • Barbara

      I’m not sure I would have tried it if company was coming, but you never know. I’ve done stupid stuff before. The wine was a lifesaver!

  3. hillsmom

    Thanks for a really good laugh! Thanksgiving here at the “Wrinkle Farm” was quite differesnt from any previous TGs. Turkey was ok…no spinach souffle (Stouffer’s frozen and done in my own souffle dish 😎 always a classic at my house.) Unfortunately, my DH didn’t feel like going to dinner, so I ate with new friends and took a carry out to him. Children called from out of state. Things change… Again, thanks for a good laugh. =^..^=

    • Barbara

      Sometimes you have to laugh or you’ll scream, Diane. It will be a holiday memory forever now! Hope you had a good time.

  4. Mona McGinnis

    Did you spatchcock the turkey? I recently deboned a turkey for the first time. The jury is still out as to whether or not it was worth the effort. Deboning of sorts will be done before or after and it was nice to deal with the mess beforehand and have a boneless turkey roast to cook on D-day.

    • Barbara

      No, Mona, we didn’t debone, just took out the backbone to splay it. It was quite an experience, for sure. One we’ll never forget!

  5. Lee Sequeira

    You made me hungry – yummm!
    Happy Thanksgiving weekend 😉

  6. Antionette M Blake

    Thanksgiving in our home is small and intimate with very few leftovers. Spending time with hubby and my mini-men is the best part of having two additional days off from work!