Can Life Be a Beach Without Sand?

I wrote a post last year about how I love the beach but not the sand.  A conundrum for many who say, “How can you have a house at the beach and not go to the beach?”  I hear it all the time.

My knee jerk response, (in my head), is “What difference does it make to you?”  I don’t judge those who worship the beach and spend hours upon hours sitting on the sand.

For me the draw is the ambiance of the beach.  It’s much more than a stretch of sand at the water’s edge.  It’s the salt air, the relaxed atmosphere that envelopes you as you cross the bridge into town.

It is, without question, good for my soul.  It’s my muse.  I am always more creative there.  Thinking of time on my porch gets me through the winter.  I don’t love the beach less because I’m not sunbathing on the sand.  Perhaps you’re missing some of the best parts of the beach if you think that’s literally all it is.

I’ll forewarn you I’m not a poet… I did however put this little ditty together for this post which was coaxed out of me from a Write On Edge prompt.

Life at the Beach

I love the beach

I hate the sand

What is a girl to do?

The beach is more,

Much more than sand.

The beach is state of mind.

You need not trek on blistering sand

The ambiance is fine.

Just stay with me,

Come sit a while.

Feel wafting salty breezes

Envelope you as you rock

And the seaside teases.


Are you a beach person in the literal or alliterative sense?



  1. I am beach person for sure! True to my cancer-the-crab zodiac sign, I love both the sun, the ocean and the sand. And hibernating in my shell when the feeling strikes.

    • Barbara

      I know how you love the beach Lee. You’ll have your beach house someday too.

  2. I feel the SAME way Barb…and I live within close walking distance of a gorgeous beach. I walk there all the time but I don’t “go to the beach.” LOL I was in heaven a few years ago when Tim and I went to Nova Scotia and there was miles and miles of coastline with gigantic rocks and trails, no sand. We walked and walked…loved it!

    • Barbara

      It’s funny Karen because I love walking on the boardwalk and riding my bike along the shore, just not sitting in sand.

  3. Some of the beaches in the Boston area and at the southern end of Maui are all rock…beaches without sand do exist.

    Last fall when we were on Maui my wife and I enjoyed sitting on bluffs above the beach and just watching the waves and the people for hours on end. I felt no need to enter the water. I am not a big fan of walking on sand, either.

    • Barbara

      I remember some of the rocky coast in New England too. It’s much different than the Jersey Shore. I think it’s because my mom never allowed me to get dirty when I was little and there’s something about the sand that makes me feel dirty.
      When in doubt, blame it on mom. 😉

  4. Now I know we are kindred souls. I love the ocean and the ambiance of the beach but I am not into sand or sitting in the sun frying myself. Sitting on a bluff watching the crashing waves, sitting on a porch enjoying the ocean breeze.. Yes, I’ll do those. Lying on the sand at the beach? Not me. 🙂

    • Barbara

      Amen Elizabeth! You can come hang on my porch anytime!

  5. Well said!
    Love the air, love the water, love the spray of salt…hate the sand!

    • Barbara

      I think we’ve got a consensus here! Thanks Janette!

  6. Here in Northern CA the beach is beautiful with the steep rocky cliffs, but usually cold and windy. We often walk along the shore, but almost never sit in the sand. That said, I’m with you on the sun worship end of it. I love the beach as a state of mind, but not to sit all day and cook. No thanks. And sand is ok if it stays on the beach. But it never does. It follows you home. Cute poem, Barbara. I must revisit Write on Edge. I’m pretty sure that’s where you and I met. And I’m glad we did!

    • Barbara

      Thanks Steph. I think you’re right about WOE. I’m very glad to have the connection.

  7. Carrie

    I do love the beach, but it has to have a really great sand beach for me to enjoy it. Those rocky, half sand, half gravel beaches are crap 🙂

    • Barbara

      Yeah, not a fan of gravel either Carrie.

  8. I’m not a poet so maybe this isn’t a compliment, but I liked your poem! 🙂

    • Barbara

      Thanks Andrea!

  9. I used to love the beach and hate the sand. When the kids came along and I had to actually go to the sand, I got used to it and no longer hate it. However, I NEVER eat on the beach. There’s nothing worse than biting into the grit. Blech.

    • Barbara

      Not to mention the possibility of a swooping sea gull! Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I can totally relate. We take our trailer to a campground overlooking the beach frequently, and rarely make it out onto the sand. I think I love going to sleep with the sound of waves crashing coming through our open window the most, followed by gazing at the ocean from a chair in our campsite.

    Sigh. Wish I were there now!

    • Barbara

      I love a quiet night listening to the waves crashing Tamara. There is so much to love without the sand, don’t you think?

  11. I understand your point but I do love the sand on my favorite beach. I even took some home so I could have it in the Christmas Candle Stick some years ago.

    • Barbara

      It’s not that I hate sand exactly, it’s just the whole gritty feeling with sunscreen and sweat and yuck!

  12. I love the beach and hate the sand, too. It’s dirty and scratchy and hurts if if gets in your nose or eyes 🙁 I get it.

    • Barbara

      Are you near a beach where you are in Chile Sara? Just curious.

  13. I’m a beach person in every sense of the word:

    Salty air
    Moonlit walks on the beach
    Candlelit porch, drink in hand, flanked by good friends
    Smell of sunscreen
    Floppy hats
    Crash of ocean waves – my nightly lullaby
    Otis Redding singing “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay.”
    Lazy, hazy days of summer…oh how I could go on. 🙂


    • Barbara

      Well said Adrienne!

  14. I love the beach, sand and all. But I agree wholeheartedly with you about the beach being more than just the sand. It’s an atmosphere, a mindset. You nailed it with this!

    • Barbara


  15. You make a good point, that there is much more to the beach than just the sand. Sometimes we miss the things that are right in front of us!

    • Barbara

      Isn’t that the truth Mike?

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