For All the #MeToo’s


I don’t know about you, but for me, I’m kind of stunned at the huge numbers of #MeToo’s I’ve seen since Weinstein was outed. Not to mention the huge number of other disgusting predators who have been exposed. But, none hold a candle to this vile excuse for a man in Alabama.




Writing about my own experiences with sexual predators has a lot to do with what’s taken so long to finish my memoir. Somehow you manage to block those experiences from your mind, simply to keep your own sanity, but they never really leave you.

I remember overhearing my grandmother saying to my aunt, “She’s built a wall around herself, and I don’t know if she’ll ever let anyone in.” That comment kind of shocked me. I hadn’t thought or felt that I had been isolating myself. But, I did learn at an early age to be wary.

My mother felt her father never loved her enough. He was a ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’ kind of father but, he was not that way with me. She resented me for that. In hindsight, I think he may have looked at me as his redemption for all the beatings his kids got.

In some strange way, I should be thankful for my mother’s relationships with men who were simply using her for sex. It exposed me to types I needed to be wary of, and that kept me from letting some ‘uncles’ and stepfathers molest me. It’s hard to explain, really, but I had a sixth sense about those men, thanks to her.

It also kept me from dating much in my early teens. My first ‘boyfriend’ was a punk. He was three years older than me and, to be honest, I think he hung around because getting me into bed was such a challenge for him. He lost the challenge regularly.

You have to find the right person to not feel dirty about sex, I think. At least that was my experience. When building a friendship comes first, it opens the door to a true relationship, in my opinion. That doesn’t mean you have to marry whoever you have sex with, of course, but you have to feel comfortable. Trust your gut, so to speak.

But, this disgusting excuse for a human in Alabama takes the prize for the predator of the century. You don’t have to be under the age of consent to be molested. It can happen at any age. Just ask the predator in the White House. But, to admit what you have done and make excuses for it is as bad as the act itself.

What bothers me the most about what is going on in D.C. now is the hypocrisy of Congress. How many of those who are hedging their opinions about Roy Moore is covering their own ass for fear of being exposed as the same? Because, as the predator in chief said, “When you’re a celebrity they just let you do it.”

That line, by the way, is total bullshit.

If nothing else, this entire Moore debacle is shining the light on predators even brighter than the predator in chief did with all his braggadocio. I hope they all go down in flames.

What say you?




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  1. Anonymous

    There are a lot of predators out there. Be wary. Remember Bill Clinton? How much power did that president have over an intern that was well past age of consent?
    Good thoughts – I enjoyed your article.

    • Barbara

      Most of drumpf’s victims were of age, too, but it doesn’t make it right without consent. It’s the child predators that need to be locked away.

  2. Lee Sequeira

    These men are a bunch of disgusting predators – and look at what was elected!! To think the nation heard that POS brag about grabbing women by the p—y, and how he will just KISS them whether they want him to or not – GOD, we have a looong way to go, baby! UGH!
    p.s. Kevin Spacey broke my heart

    • Barbara

      I’m disgusted and disappointed in all of them, Lee. There is no excuse. period.

  3. Judy

    It makes me sick with what is going on in this world. Every day a new allegation, when our POTUS is the worst of all. If our POTUS can get away with it, then all the rest will too.

    • Barbara

      I just keep praying Mueller will get them all outed first, Judy!

  4. Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

    It’s amazing seeing all these jerks go down except for the one in the White House. It makes no sense at all to me.

    • Barbara

      I know, Rebecca. I keep hoping he’ll stick his 2 cents worth in and every one of his victims calls him out.

  5. Mary

    Well what’s with the Evangelicals sticking by Moore? I read there are fundamentalist churches in the South who support older men and very young women getting together…

    • Barbara

      That’s true, Mary. The white evangelical men prefer to keep them barefoot and pregnant, too.

  6. Doreen

    As always, Barb, you are so brave and honest in sharing what you have been through. It must be hard to write, but I do hope you finish that memoir soon — because it’s a book I’d very much like to read.

    Today I saw an article on Time Mag (online) that listed the men in politics and media who have been publicly outed since the Harvey Weinstein story broke. It’s up to 60, and the list is arranged so the latest can be added to the top of the article — because you know for sure there will be more. I mean — Charlie Rose?! Matt Lauer?! Garrison Keillor?! John Lassiter, the guy who produced Toy Story and Up?! Thought these were the good guys. How wrong I was. Did the parents of these men teach them anything about human interaction? Or did all that power and money make them think they could do whatever they wanted, with no consequence. Until now.

    • Barbara

      Doreen, I wish I had some answers, but I do not. It seems like each day is an adventure. We simply have no idea who the next leach will be. I wish I had no idea what it was all about but, I know first hand and it makes it very difficult to accept some of these celebrity predators. Not that I ever believed they were ‘special’ and couldn’t be so vile, but some have truly blown me away. Charlie Rose?? Puhleez! And yet, here we are. Stay vigilant, my friend! And, thanks for supporting my writing. The memoir will be out this year!