Four Years and So Much to Share!

Because there have been many newcomers to this site, and my facebook page, I thought I would re-post this so the newbies can catch up, if they want to. I’m also doing it because I’m entrenched in preparing a house to sell, and time is limited. Next week a brand new post, Promise! Thanks for your patience and support! YOU are the best!


We are in the middle of anniversary month, here on the blog, and I planned to give you random links to some of the posts you may have missed from the archives.

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Putting the links on the facebook page seems a bit clunky, so I thought we could do it this way…I’ll suggest a few and give you a little synopses, and you can read them at your leisure.

Perhaps my only period of normalcy, as a child, was the six months I spent with a lovely older couple when I was five years old. I wrote about them here. It was such a sweet time in my life that writing the post took me right back to their home.

The series I wrote called My Brother/My Son was more difficult. But it is the guts of my memoir, if you want to take a look. It’s not a fun read, but the truth isn’t always pretty. You’ll see the link to the next installment at the bottom of each post.

Then there are the lighter posts about the best step-father ever. Scotty was one of the most special human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

The other post I will recommend kind of puts all the insanity in perspective. Forgiveness and Gratitude changed my life. It’s amazing how you can go through life with so much weighing on your heart from past hurts and appear ‘normal’ day in and day out.

It is even more amazing the lightness you’ll feel when you let it go. We don’t have to forget, and I know I can’t, but when you’re able to forgive you unshackle yourself from the past. It’s like learning to breathe again, without pollution.

So, if you’ve missed any of these I hope you’ll take a look. Pace yourself, it’s a lot. And I welcome your comments here and there, and on .

Thanks to so many of you who have stuck with me all these years. You are the BEST! ♥

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  1. Style Maniac

    Four years! Congratulations and happy blog birthday!
    And many more ….

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