Freedom of the Press…It Matters


I’ve stepped away from political posts for a while, primarily because I’ve needed a break from the insanity coming from all directions. Every day there’s a new ‘smack my head’ moment emanating from the White House.

The New York Times printed a full (double truck) page of drumpf’s lies last week. It is rather sobering to see it all in print and the list is even longer a week later because he can’t seem to open his little-puckered mouth without spewing more lies.

I tried to put the photo in but, I have this google app that turns anything Trump into kittens so I don’t know if you’ll see the list or kittens. You can see the actual list of lies if you click the link above.



The liar in chief is the biggest source of ‘Fake News’ we’ve ever seen. He acts like an impetuous pre-teen at the slightest provocation. He has no problem dishing out, just don’t start throwing it back.

He has surrounded himself with surrogates who fall on their swords daily for this baby man who bullies with abandon. Which makes the first lady’s fight against bullying completely laughable.

I’ve stopped reading, in depth, all the stories about the Russia colluding since Mueller has stepped in. I don’t think we’re going to see anything of major significance until they find ‘deep throat’. I still believe they will, but I simply can’t delve into it all on a regular basis anymore. It’s nerve-wracking and emotionally draining.

Imagine what would happen if they held a press briefing and no one showed up. I would love to see that. It is painful to see Spicer and Huckabee Sanders stand there and knowingly lie through their teeth every day.

To see seasoned reporters working for long standing legitimate news outlets ask questions they know will never be answered truthfully, if at all, rips at my gut. They are better than this. I imagine the bars in D.C. are pretty busy these days.

The legitimate press needs to stop playing to the White House’s advantage and just walk away. No more games. Period. They can get the real news in their usual way, by digging on their own. That’s how good reporting happens in the first place. Not by some mouthpiece for drumpf standing there playing make believe.

This brings me to drumpf’s followers. I believe the current stat is 35% of those who voted for him still believe whatever comes out of his mouth. I think it’s likely less than that because anyone with half a brain who voted for him has to have had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment by now.

I know most of them don’t read newspapers or watch anything other than Fox and believe their every word. It’s embarrassing, to me, the numbers of people in this country who believe this rag-tag administration, who has yet to fill over 400 positions that require Senate confirmation, know what the hell they are doing.

We know some of the people who voted for him. A few were expected a couple of them were shocking to learn. You don’t want to think someone you’ve been friends with and wholeheartedly believed were intelligent admits they contributed to the problem. And, you cannot deny this administration is a game of whack-a-mole daily. Who wants to admit they are to blame?

All I can say to them is, I would have more respect if you admitted it was a mistake instead of pretending this is normal and it will all end well. Admit that we have become a laughing stock around the world because no one, except dictators, wants to work with him or can bring themselves to trust him.

I thought W was a joke. I had no idea how low we could go.


Your turn. Spew away!


  1. Roxanne Jones

    Oh, where to begin, Barbara!?! And this latest brouhaha–about Mika and the Morning Joe program–is just more of the same. Like you, I wish his supporters–and too damn many members of the GOP–would stop pretending this behavior normal, or wrist-slapping it with a tepid, “It’s disturbing.” Grow a set and get this whack-job out of the White House. It’s more than embarrassing–it’s getting scary to think that someone so easily provoked is the so-called leader of the free world, with all the volatility and REAL problems that exist. Okay, off my rant box–it’s almost wine time! XO

    • Barbara

      Thank you for getting on the soapbox, Roxanne. We all need to vent or we’re gonna blow! I have to say, I’m not looking forward to having Pence in any position of power, but I don’t believe he would be battling with everyone the way drumpf is.

  2. Kathy Gottberg

    Hi Barbara! You’ve been missed….but I completely understand. We all must find ways to keep our sanity through this all. And my answer to the big question in your post is that people will do absolutely everything not to be wrong or admit they made a mistake. People don’t like change. People would prefer to ignore what is going on right in front of them them be required to change their mind. So until something litterally bites them in the butt (like they lose their health care or benefits) before they will wake up and say WTH? But, optimist that I am, I am choosing to believe that the millions of us who have become more active than ever before are now getting involved and actually DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THE PROBLEM.! I sure have and I am heartened by others I see doing the same. I have not given up hope that good can come out of this (it might take a while though…) ~Kathy

    • Barbara

      You’re right about the activism, Kathy. I did my first march the day after his inauguration. It felt good. It felt right! Meeting up with so many like minded people gives hope for the future. This too shall pass, but it’s going to take our due diligence. Thanks for contributing here!

  3. Pia

    I seem to find a never ending supply of cab drivers, originally from Ohio, now in South Carolina, who just assume I’m a good ole girl who loves Toilet Paper (my new name for him).
    This morning I had to wait two hours for blood tests—-the weekend begins on Friday here, and was on my way home when the cab driver said “you don’t like Morning Joe, do you?” Actually watching TV in the morning makes me feel as if I’m on vacation in another country, or something very very newsworthy is going on so, I half know him, but of course know everything that was said this week.
    He told me how disrespectful MJ was to TP. I wasn’t going to say anything but….”don’t you think what was said about Mika was was much more disrespectful?” No, he didn’t because you never say anything disrespectful about the president. “What about Obama?” “That was different.” I don’t know any real Sotherners who ere truly racist. The friggin Ohio Express however…..they move here thinking it’s OK to be racist—everyone will understand. The thing is, I who lived most of my life in NYC do understand . People come to NY and think the rules don’t apply. They learn quickly or they don’t make it. Here people are too polite, and hate “confrontation.”
    I knew the White House occupant was going to win because I’m a good listener and ask a lot of questions. I’m burnt. How low can we go? I’m scared we ain’t seen anything yet.

    • Barbara

      Ohio Express. HA! Growing up in Toledo most of the people I knew were Democrats. Things have certainly changed and not for the better! I agree with you, Pia, that there’s a lot more shit about to explode before we’re done with this clown show. Don’t let it burn you out. You can handle this!

  4. Mary

    I so agree with all of you. At bottom line, the whole thing is foreboding. The fact that his base would follow him off a cliff is very telling. I still believe the bulk of them are uneducated, ill informed by watching only Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, not reading history, degrees of racism, stuck in the past and religious of the far right type. I was surprised to see he has followers from all over, not just the South, where I am (actually Fla.). The northerners here seem to be his followers and they are older and this is part of the wanting to live in the past thing.

    I don’t see how it can go on much longer, but I’m continually surprised. I think the US is doing a slow death dance or at least the death of our democracy and what the founders originally had in mind. China will be the next big thing. The Mideast was ruined centuries ago by religious fanaticism that kept them in the dark ages and has yet to make a come back and may never, as it’s gone on too long. This will happen to us if we are not careful. Good education is one key, but we have lost that. This anti science trend is a result of lack of education and the threat science poses to churches and their control over people.

    • Barbara

      Mary, I completely agree with you. The lack of education and the religious fanaticism is ruining our country. If we lose Planned Parenthood that will be a major catastrophe. I keep hoping and praying sanity will ultimately win. Seeing all of these people crawling out from under their rocks has been eye opening for me. Racism and sexism are rampant and we’ve lost control. The midterms will be a bellwether.

  5. Lee Romano Sequeira

    When will this disastrous orange time bomb implode? EEEEEKKKK!!

    • Barbara

      Not sure, Lee, but it will happen.

  6. shelley

    I live smack dab in the middle of Trump country and the only thing keeping me sane is finding people on the internet who haven’t bought into the bull@*#* that continually comes out of his mouth. I literally cannot believe the mess we’re in and that so many people aren’t even concerned. I am very afraid of what’s in store.

    • Barbara

      It’s comforting to some, I guess, Shelley, to keep their heads in the sand, (I was going to say up their…), but that’s only going to enable the ruination of our democracy. I can’t recall a time when speaking truth to lies has been more important.

  7. Pat

    Well said, Barbara. “Baby man who bullies with abandon” says it all. What I can’t understand is how no one is able to curtail this nutcase? He is an embarrassment to our country, a baffoon at best and potentially dangerous at worst. I am American living in Europe and no one overseas can get their head around it. How could this happen in the one of the world’s greatest democracies? Freedom of the press DOES matter and our media needs to maintain a higher standard of integrity.

    • Barbara

      I kind of imagine much of the rest of the world scratching their heads with their mouths gaping open at the level we’ve sunk to, Pat. The people who voted for him will have to live with this, and deservedly so, but it truly is NOT who we are!

  8. Kathy

    I feel our country is slipping away. If we get rid of orangeman, we get Pence who could be worse. We’re the joke of the world.

    • Barbara

      I have no respect for any of them. But, Pence will simply be Ryan and McConnell’s puppet.

  9. Rena

    I just can’t seem to take myself back to before the election. People that I respected, hell even family members voted for him and It’s like trying to unsee your parents having sex. It’s the only way you see them for a VERY LONG time if ever. That’s how I look at these people now….yuck!

    • Barbara

      I like your analogy, Rena. It has been very disappointing to discover people you thought were smart really aren’t all that. I hope they’re all proud as punch now.

  10. Barbara A Hoepp

    The man who, “bullies with abandon.” Doesn’t that just say it all as Rachel Maddow has shown that each time really bad news is about to hit, he tweets and draws attention to himself so others don’t read the stories that should be the headlines. He is just the master at lies and deception and true to his narcissism, their is nothing inside.

    • Barbara

      He is, for sure, an empty vessel, Barbara!

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