Gratitude and Peace… A Shift in Attitude


Today I feel like sharing randomness. The insanity in our country today is taking a toll on many of us…too many of us. I’m an admitted news junkie and all about anything that is anti-drumpf, but it’s time to focus more on the positive things in life and get back to gratitude.

Mind you, I’m still going to follow the news and obsess about things like why was Jill Stein at that infamous dinner in Russia with Putin and Flynn? When will a ‘deep throat’ show up to get this circus out of our lives and in jail?

Admittedly, without Colbert and Kimmel and Seth Meyers, I’d probably be in a straight jacket by now. Just kidding…sort of, but lord how we need laughter these days!

I wonder how drumpf’s supporters manage without comic relief? Or do they find Faux News not just ‘fair and balanced’ but entertaining, too? I have to admit, Hannity makes me laugh out loud!

Back in the mid-nineties when Oprah was all about mindfulness and gratitude I was all in. Gary Zukov, Sarah ban Breathnach, Maya Angelou and so many others brought a sharp shift in how many of us began to look at things in our daily lives and the world.

You can’t live in a negative space and stay mentally healthy. I’m certain of that and I’m feeling it lately. I was feeling it when I began using Ms. Breathnach’s gratitude journal at the end of every day to force myself to think about the positive in my life, which was not perfection at the time, and not focus on the negative.

I credit that shift in my emotional focus for bringing positive change into my life. I know it works and yet I’ve drifted far away from the daily practice.

I’ll probably have to do my journaling in the morning now since my wine consumption inhibits true clarity in the evening. Hey, we all need some relief by the end of the day. Don’t judge.

So here are some random thoughts to get back on track…

* I’m so grateful for my dogs who bring joy into my life daily with their unconditional love. That’s a lot harder for humans, don’t you think? I keep trying, though.


* I find peace and joy in this beautiful home and garden we have now and so much gratitude for Dave’s hard work in both.


* I’m proud of my kids and grandkids on so many levels and love watching them grow and find their way in the world fills my heart.

* I’m grateful that Dave has become so involved in Habitat for Humanity, which he’s always wanted to do and now can. The friendships we’ve made through that group is a bonus blessing.

* The work involved in getting the Secret Garden Tour together this year has been a challenge but has introduced me to new friends and I’m grateful for that.

* Hearing the roar of the ocean has always given me peace and now I hear it every day. Quite a blessing!


* Writing and art, in many forms, are in my soul but I haven’t always honored those gifts. I do now.

* And all of you who read and support my writing have a very special place in my heart. I am grateful for each and every one of you.


Your turn…share some of your blessings with me.



  1. Jack

    Glad you have returned to ” sanity.” I almost stopped reading your blog because I believe you have gone over the deep end. I feel exactly like you do except that I don’t dwell on political anything. Nothing has ever been done to me personally except to raise my taxes. I felt this way about Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama and now the idiot from the Black Lagoon. My life hasn’t changed one iota. I still have a wonderful wife, great kids and grandkids, nice home food in my belly, and gas in the cars. And you think Hillary would have been different? She would be worse! I voted for Bernie but I do not agree with everything he says.
    Welcome back to earth. Love your husband, family dogs and home. Go walk the beach!

    • Barbara

      I’m glad you’re back, too. I feel a responsibility to my country to know what’s going on and the who’s and why’s, etc. The problem now is the never ceasing newsfeeds everywhere which make it hard to escape it all.
      That said, I know my own health and peace of mind need to get back to my personal reality. A shift in focus but, I’ll never stop being actively involved in what happens in my country. It’s our right and responsibility, in my opinion.

  2. Lee Gaitan

    I feel better just looking at your beautiful photos! Dogs and kids, definitely for what ails me, too. And laughter. Thanks for the inspiring post.

    • Barbara

      You are very welcome, Lee! It’s time to get the priorities straight!

  3. Darlene

    The dogs are sooooo adorable. The best things in life a FREE….it’s those things that bring us the most peace. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for all the blessings in my life, no matter how small.

    • Barbara

      You’re welcome! It’s time to get back to basics for me.

  4. Annemarie

    Happy Mother’s Day Barb. I loved this post and am happy for the reminder to focus on joy more intently. 💜

    • Barbara

      Happy Mother’s Day to you and to your mom, Annemarie!

  5. Roxanne Jones

    What a beautiful, heartfelt post, Barbara–and a lovely way to wrap up this week. We DO need a break from all the negativity that’s swirling around us, and expressing gratitude for the blessings in our lives is the best way I’ve found to get it. I mentally list some of what I’m grateful for before I drop off to sleep each night; I’ve found it a soothing practice and a peaceful way to head into dreamland. Happy weekend!

    • Barbara

      Happy weekend to you, Roxanne! I’m planning to buy a new journal this weekend so I can get back into the right groove!

  6. Lee Romano Sequeira

    ❤️ Gratitude certainly makes for a beautiful post! ❤️
    I also stopped watching the news for hours every night (I do catch up on headlines) — it was like swallowing little sips of acid and making me all churned up inside on a nightly basis. Like you, I’m in a much happier place.

    As far as my top reasons to be grateful, it all comes down to my hubby, family, friends & beloved furkids now and then — and one day, I’ll be grateful for that roar of the ocean, too! 😉

    • Barbara

      I totally get the sips of acid, Lee. That’s why I take 2 prevacid daily. Time to shift the focus! Oh, and I’m certain you will be near the ocean soon!

  7. Madeline

    I was in bit of a personal slump lately. A few activities and classes I was involved with came to an end. A coupl

    e of friendshipsss began to feel a bit onesided and stale. Returning to a daily gratitude journal moved the energy as it always does!! I love to sit on the patio in the morning and start the day with my journal. Hey is that Cape May????? I am soooo jealous!!!!!

    • Barbara

      Yep! It’s Cape May. Sounds like you’ve found your happy place, Madeline. Stay peaceful!

  8. Pat

    Thanks for the reminder to refocus on gratitude. It is especially hard to keep our spirits up in this current political climate. That said, I am grateful that Macron (not Le Pen a French female version of drumpf) was elected. Happy Mother’s Day from Switzerland Barbara.

    • Barbara

      Happy Mother’s Day, Pat! Enjoy Switzerland!!

  9. 1010ParkPlace

    I agree with Jack, and it’s nice to have you back! Your post is the second one today I’ve read about gratitude journals. Perhaps I should try that because in addition to politics, I’m up to here with relentless back pain, puppies and contractors. xoxox, B

    • Barbara

      I highly recommend Gratitude Journals and Sarah Ban Breathnach has some good ones you can find on amazon. I’m sure your contractors and puppies keep you busy!

  10. My Inner Chick

    blessings)) xx
    those puppies warm my heart <3

    • Barbara

      Thanks, Kim. The pups keep me going!

  11. denise

    Well, Barbara — After today’s new revelations, how are you doing?

    What sweet pups you have:)

    • Barbara

      Better, Denise. Knowing he is going to self-implode makes it easier to take.
      The pups say, Thank you!

  12. ALICIA

    Progressive liberalism is a disease. Glad you found the proper balance of meds to put some sanity back into your life.
    BTW, Trump is doing just fine.
    Too bad you listen so intently to fake news stories.

    • Barbara

      I’m not taking any meds, Alicia, and I have never paid any attention to fake news. If you think drumpf is doing just fine I think you’re the one needing some meds and sanity in your life. Feel free to unsubscribe.

  13. Bob Lowry

    I find myself fighting much of the same battle as you, Barbara. I had to force myself to leave the snarky comments off Twitter and Facebook. They weren’t really accomplishing anything and hurting readership.

    I follow the insanity from Washington every day and vent with my wife who feels the same way. But, we both are trying to keep our anger and worry inside our 4 walls. We put on our brave, happy faces when we venture out., and are overwhelmed with gratitude when we spend time with family or are greeting by our doggies when we return home.

    • Barbara

      It’s not easy to love this country and try to hide our concern for what’s happening before our very eyes, Bob. We are feeling a bit more hopeful after the latest gaff. He will self-implode soon, I think. Keep smiling!

  14. Judy Freedman

    I feel similar to you. When I get sad about this crazy world we live in and our infantile president (as David Brooks wrote in the NYTImes), I think about how lucky I am to have a second act as a yoga instructor and a blogger and to be able to enjoy my life after 50.

    I do love your garden pictures. You always post such pretty flowers.

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