It’s Been a Lovely Cruise


I know I’m not the only one who is more than ready for a vacation right now. I took a little trip down memory lane today and posted on Huffington Post about the cruise we took in 2008. Aaahhh, it was bringing back some wonderful memories and a pull to take another trip. I’m researching River Cruises now.

I thought I would share it with you here, and ask you to share your favorite vacation story. Have you gone on a cruise? Maybe you went on a ski trip? Whatever it is, feel free to share a piece of it here. January and February are the toughest months for me because, I am not inspired by dreary cold weather. Snow is pretty for a day and then it loses its luster, in my opinion.

So, join in and share your favorite vacation story! It will make us all feel better.



  1. Mary

    A couple of years ago I took a river cruise on the Rhine River in Germany and it was the most wonderful trip I’ve ever had. It left from Basel, Switzerland and ended up in Amsterdam…very relaxing on a river cruise to me, instead of the big cruise ships with way too many, service and side trips were all amazing. I highly recommend his.

    • Barbara

      Thanks for that review, Mary! Sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to ‘get on board’!

  2. Lee Sequeira

    What a stunning photo! I am looking forward to a week in beautiful NAPA valley to drink plenty of wine and hope 2017 brings some pleasant surprises!
    Some of my favorite vacations have been in Europe–I was lucky enough to attend the London & Frankfurt Book Fairs many years, so the hubby could meet me and we were able to adventures to beautiful places like Paris, Rome, Lucerne, Prague, Amsterdam and other magnificent places around the world — oh, the food and the wine ~ and the wonderful people — BEAM ME BACK!

    • Barbara

      Napa is on my list, too , Lee. Although, we have some pretty nice wine country here in CM! I definitely need to see more in Europe!

  3. Sheila

    We did a personalized walking tour of the Cotswolds. Our luggage was collected each morning and delivered to the next village while we walked along the wonderful public footpaths. We stayed in B and Bs mostly and ate dinners in pubs. We’d like to do something similar in other countries.

    • Barbara

      That sounds fabulous, Sheila! I’ve never heard of that kind of tour. I’ll explore that right after I get to try a river cruise! Thanks for sharing!

  4. My Inner Chick

    Gorgeous photo, b.
    Love that ROOF)))
    Funny you should mention cruises.
    My essay, I Was A Casino Girl, will be published on
    Feminine Collective this month.
    It is about my time working for Carnival.
    xx kiss and hugs from Duluth.

    • Barbara

      Make sure you share the link to that article, Kim! I would love to read it.

  5. Eileen Hopkins

    Commented at Huffington BUT just to say – love your photos and descriptions. What a gig it would be to go out as a Travel Journalist!! Just saying!

    • Barbara

      That’s my goal, Eileen! I’ll keep you abreast as things go along!

  6. g gray

    We are flying to Ushuaia on the Southern tip of Argentina in March. From there we will sail across the Drake Passage, considered some of the roughest water on Earth, to the Antarctic Peninsula. While there we’ll make daily wet landings via Zodiacs to view the wildlife. I am looking forward to the night sky from the southern hemisphere where we can gaze into an entirely different part of the galaxy. I am hoping to experience silence (no highways, no malls, no fast food outlets.) I am hoping to see the Southern lights. I expect the other 138 international passengers will have fascinating stories to tell. Life is too brief not to live con brio.

    • Barbara

      Now, that’s an adventure!

  7. Judy Freedman

    I loved our Viking River Cruise on the Rhine last September. Very relaxing and great history.

    • Barbara

      I’m exploring them all, Judy. It’s going to happen this year, I know it!

  8. Carol A Cassara

    I tweeted it from there, as for some reason it wouldn’t open messages for me. Oh, i have the wanderlust non stop and this post didn’t help!

    • Barbara

      I’m hoping to catch a river cruise early spring!

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