Let’s Talk Sports/ Sportsmanship, Shall We?


I am the least athletic person you will ever know. I was a clumsy kid who broke her glasses, (sometimes on purpose), at least twice a year, often from falling off my bike. I am a total nerd without an athletic bone in my body.



I’m not a big sports fan, for the most part. I grew up rooting for the Detroit Tigers baseball team but, knew nothing about football or basketball until I met my husband.

He grew up in Boston and was a Celtics and Red Sox fan but, Boston didn’t have a football team at that time and the closest team to root for was the NY Giants.

Shortly after we got together, he started his retail career in Pittsburgh, PA. and we soon became Pittsburgh Steeler fans. I was simply along for the ride. You could’ve put my knowledge of the game in a thimble but, I enjoyed learning about it and watching games with my husband. Now my knowledge might fill a sand pail.

We bounced all over the Northeast as he worked his way up the management ladder and stayed loyal to the Steelers. But, after several years in Philadelphia, we were kind of torn. I’ve become a loyal Eagles fan, and he still roots for the Steelers first and Eagles second. Fortunately, they are not playing each other in this Superbowl!

Our oldest son is a true black and gold Steelers fan, even though he lives in Philadelphia. And our youngest is a New England Patriots fan who lives in Baltimore. See what happens when you move all the time?


I love both my boys with all my heart, despite our occasional differences and allegiances. But, hopefully, there won’t be any arguments come Superbowl Sunday. At least our Pat’s fan isn’t obnoxious and rude like so many Patriot’s fans can be.

Can I tell you who I can’t stand?

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

Speaking of rude and obnoxious, did you know the Patriots are referred to as Team Trump? Yeah, Brady and Belichick are big fans of the orange anus, and he loves them back. Not surprising, when you see their personalities and how rude they can be.

I know this is kind of a rambling post and you may be wondering if I have a point to all this. I do.

To my knowledge, through my personal experiences with pro football teams I’ve followed over the years, being rude and arrogant to the public who support you is not a positive trait.

From Belichick’s choice to dress like a homeless person and act like a bully, to Brady’s ego that can’t hold his head inside his helmet until it’s kick-off time, it seems to me they do not respect their fans any more than drumpf does his.

Here’s a snippet from Brady as he was taking the field last night:

Tom Brady Yells At Cameraman “F*ck Outta The Way

I really hope the Eagles kick their ass in the Superbowl.

Tell me about your team.









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  1. Madeline

    We hail from Philly/South Jersey. We will be rooting intensely for a Super Bowl surprise.SOOOO tired of Tom Brady. I love to see the underdog win once in a while.. maybe something..like SPIRIT will overrule the cocky attitude for the WIN!! HOPE SO!!

    • Barbara

      I’m with you, Madeline! It’s time for some serious change!

  2. Barb

    And the officials give em the advantage every time. You go girl!!!!!

    • Barbara

      That needs to be called out. It doesn’t create any trust when it’s so often blatant how they rule! Thanks, Barb.

  3. Rena

    I love football, but I spent 40 years in Bengals territory and they are losers. I fell in love with Favre and the Greenbay Packers until he retired and then I watched the Saints after Katrina. I’m torn between three Pittsburg, Saints, and the Seahawks (even though I’m falling out of love with them). I can’t stand the Patriots because of the assholes you mentioned.

    • Barbara

      Pittsburgh is my 2nd fave, Rena, but they’ve had plenty of Superbowls and now it’s time for the Eagles!! I was concerned about a Pennsylvania match-up and I’m kind of glad that didn’t happen but, I simply can’t stand the Pats. period!

  4. Janis @ Retirementally Challenged

    I don’t care about football at all (I used to be a long-suffering Chargers fan, but they took their ball and left us so F*#K ’em), But I share your distaste for Belichick, Brady, and Trump so GO Eagles!

    • Barbara

      Janis, I’ve spent too many years with men in my life to not get involved. I appreciate your good taste when it comes to the Pats!

  5. Haralee

    Too funny! I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. I am not a football fan but I do enjoy the hype and solidarity fans have for their team.

    • Barbara

      I love the Superbowl commercials, Haralee! That’s ‘comic’ relief for a sometimes stressful experience watching the game!

  6. Judy

    I’m a transplanted New Yorker so I still root for the Giants. But this year I’m rooting for the Eagles. I don’t like the Patriots, Belichick, even though he is a former Giants coach – loved Parcells when he was there but not Belichick – and I don’t like Brady either. Hope the Eagles win!

    • Barbara

      I always liked Parcells, Judy. He was a good guy. My husband was a Giant fan as a kid but, once he got hooked on the Steelers there was no looking back.