Mary, Daryl and Daryl…

If you look at the tag line under the header of this blog you will see ‘the ugly’.  Well you have to take the good with the bad and this is about an ugly time in my life, but I’m going to try and lighten it up.  Actually it’s kind of humorous on its own when I look back on it.
Isn’t hindsight a wonderful filter?
I started telling the story last month about the year I ran away with my 2 year old brother.  I was 12 years old going on 30.  We were living in a disgusting trailer and my mother left us alone most of the time.  I’d been taking care of my brother since he was born, so I was used to that part.
Well, between these 2 stories is where ‘Mary, Daryl and Daryl’ come in.  You remember Larry, Daryl and Daryl from the Bob Newhart show?  They were brighter than this trio!  Who were they, you ask?
Mary was the babysitter my mother hired after my grandfather found us alone and the Daryl’s were her father and brother.

I had no idea she was hiring a baby sitter.  I came home from school, walked into the trailer and see three strangers sitting on the couch!  And they looked even funnier to me because they were quite large people all squeezed together on a rather small couch.

This could be the couch and the trailer… except for the curtains.  It was really this charming!  Now picture 3 obese, ugly people sitting together on that little couch.
So I asked, ‘Who are you?’ And Mary said, ‘We’re here to take care of you, hun.’  Of course I said, ‘No, you can leave now, I’ll take care of my brother.’
That didn’t work.  Then they decided the trailer was too cramped… well when you put 900lbs. int a 200lb. bag… so to speak!  She said they were going to take us to their house, and assured me my mother had ok’d this!  Funny, now that I remember this and have made the comparison to the Daryl’s I remember that neither of them said a word during this whole conversation.  Wasn’t one of the Daryl’s on the show mute?
We had no phone, so I had no way to verify any of it.  I had no choice but to get into their truck and go with them.  I’ll admit, I was pretty nervous.  I was trying to pay attention to where we were going, but ended up in an area of town I was completely unfamiliar with.  However, it was just as ugly as where we lived!  The difference being it had rundown old houses instead of trailers.
I figured at some point I would be able to take my brother and leave, but wasn’t sure how.  Then as the evening wore on Mary fell asleep and the Daryl’s passed out drunk.  I remembered seeing a phone booth at the corner when we turned onto their street, so I decided I’d make a run for it.
I picked up my brother, who was sound asleep in one of the bedrooms, wrapped him in a blanket and took the loose change I saw on the dresser. Tip-toed out of the house and made a dash for the phone booth.
Fortunately I had a good memory for phone numbers!  I called my step-father and asked him to come and get us.  He immediately said, ‘Where are you?’  Well, I hadn’t thought about that part!  Hey, I was only 12!  So I dropped the receiver and went out to look at the street sign, then told him the intersection.  He said he would send a cab to get us.
It was cold out, for sure!  Coldest winter on record that year.  But, the phone booth shielded us from the wind, and I had the blanket that we could both share.  Fortunately we weren’t there long.
The cabby was very nice!  He assured me he was sent by my step-father… told me his name, the address we would be going to, etc.  So we got in the cab and went to safety.
In spite of this escapade I never had a desire to go into espionage!  Funny.

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  1. ElizOF

    Oh my goodness Barbara, Thank God you were safe. That would have been one hysterical story we would not have been able to read.
    The picture of the phone both is awesome… Hardly see them in NY anymore. Thanks for stopping by I have subscribed to your blog and bookmarked it

  2. Barbara

    Thanks Eliz! Happy to have you onboard.

  3. Style Maniac

    just amazing that you survived all this and turned out to be a lovely, happy person!

  4. Catherine

    Lordy what an experience. You were a very brave and smart young girl. Your brother must adore you. xo

  5. Barbara

    Thanks for the 'lovely, happy person' compliment Doreen!
    Catherine, my brother had a drug problem as he got older, which put him back emotionally. He dropped out of high school, went into the navy and ended up with a gen. discharge, then fell into a religious 'cult'. I went crazy over that at first, then I realized that he probably couldn't really make it in the real world, so at least he had a roof over his head, a purpose and food in his belly. It's a shame in many ways, but he's doing ok.

  6. Catherine

    Lordy what an experience. You were a very brave and smart young girl. Your brother must adore you. xo

  7. Style Maniac

    just amazing that you survived all this and turned out to be a lovely, happy person!