Never Give Up!

It has been a rough week for me. I blame drumpf.



Dave got a cold and I got bronchitis. Don’t ask me why because, if I knew that I could defend against it. It’s been a few years since I’ve had this perpetual coughing jag and I wasn’t missing it, that’s for sure.

Of course, I waited until I simply couldn’t take the coughing any longer before I went to the doctor. After a good listen to the rattling chest she came back into the room with a nebulizer for me to suck on while she ordered up x-rays to decide if it was bronchitis or pneumonia. Oh, joy! I’ve had both and neither brings an enjoyable experience.

The nebulizer sucking made me dizzy so I slowly made my way home so that Dave could drive me to get the x-ray. It was quick and painless, except for the constant croaking sounds coming out of my chest and through my mouth, scaring others in the waiting room. Fortunately, I guess, it was the lesser of the two evils, bronchitis.

I had to wait for them to call the doctor with the results so she could call in prescriptions for me. It was quite a haul, I must say, and each one said in bold black letters across the top: ACUTE!

Ok, no messing around. I got an inhaler, steroids, cough medicine, and an anti-biotic. I loaded up as soon as we got home then went to bed. There was no real rest to be had with the constant croaking. Dave decided to sleep on the couch and I certainly couldn’t blame him! Buddy, however, never left my side.

When the cough meds started to kick in I began to relax a bit but, when I would turn on my side it sounded like pop rocks and rice krispies going off in my chest and echoing in my ears. I never sleep on my back, but the noise was driving me crazy, so I forced myself. It was a fitful night.

The next day was no better, in fact, it was worse. I hadn’t eaten much, which in hindsight wasn’t the brightest move but, I had no appetite. I took the 2nd day of meds and then came the shit storm. Literally.

Fortunately, the bathroom isn’t far from the bed so I made it just under the wire! I was surprised anything was coming out because not much had gone in for over 24 hours. Dave looked up the possible side effects of the ACUTE! drugs and it turned out the anti-biotic they gave me had diarrhea as the 1st side effect.

I called the doctor and they prescribed a different one but, it took a while to get the other one completely out of my system. I still had no appetite but tried to eat some toast which flew through me.

As you can imagine, this was exhausting. I would reach a pinnacle of exhaustion and basically pass out. I could feel a bit of improvement after each hour or two of sleep and by Sunday afternoon I was feeling like it was not going to kill me. I took a long nap in the afternoon and was able to watch the Oscars.

Dave made me scrambled eggs for dinner on Monday and that helped a lot. My logical mind knew that the number of drugs vs. lack of food was not helping but, food hadn’t interested me for days.

Whenever I get sick I pull out Louise Hay’s book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’. She has a list in that book with the header:


It’s a way of examining the ailment you’re dealing with and probable causes being, perhaps, mental and/or emotional. I knew when I went for the x-ray it wasn’t pneumonia because, according to Ms. Hay’s book, pneumonia is basically giving up on life. I wasn’t there. But bronchitis is about anger. Being in an inflamed environment.

Aren’t we all living in an inflamed environment these days? I believe we are. No matter which side you’re on, life is not normal anymore. Every day there’s another ‘crisis’ to deal with. People fearful of losing their health care, immigrants terrified of being deported, families torn apart all because of a would-be demagogue who’s really the puppet of his own Rasputin.

I’m not giving up or giving in to their fear tactics and hate. We are smarter than that and we are the majority. I may have had a little health derailment but, it reminded me how important it is to stay strong and never give in.

How are you holding up?


  1. Tina

    I can relate to the voigh. I haven’t slept more than 2 consecutive hours for 9 months. Chest CTscan clear, change of diet (no citrus, coffee, carbonated drinks ), wedge under pillow, humidifier, etc
    Now ENT says it is a neurogenic cough. Strong meds did not agree with me
    I even bought Depends in case of an accident on the plane! LOL
    I’m glad that you are feeling better. Keep eating GF

    • Barbara

      I know you’ve been through waaay more than this, T! You are a trooper and I admire you for that. You take care and we’ll get through this!!

  2. Michelle

    Makes sense we are definitely angry and so many people I know have been or are getting this same cough. Feel better, get your rest and eat 😊

    • Barbara

      I’ve been resting but not eating much. However, I have a pizza on its way!

  3. Roxanne Jones

    Jeez, what a hell of a time you’ve been having! That is SO interesting about Louise Hay’s take on bronchitis–and living in an inflamed environment. Can’t get much more incendiary than this country since the election! I hope you’re truly on the mend–and keep directing that anger where it belongs (NOT on your lungs!). Take care…

    • Barbara

      Thanks, Roxanne. The anger has to be directed and diffused, and everything is so intense and insane anymore it’s hard to cope sometimes. I’m still barking my lungs out but it has let up a little. Re-visiting Louise Hay helped.

  4. Eileen Hopkins

    Sick – and I am not an American! But, I did post recently how we are neighbours and I am not happy what is happening in the neighbourhood! Canadian schools cutting athletic/band travel to the USA because of ethical reasons on top of the concern that one or two students could be sent back at the border if they were determined to be Muslim. Yes, it is true. My granddaughter’s school is still not allowing trips to the USA … and I am not even sure if my partner and I would make it across the border either due to Muslim/North African connections. Not the kind of neighbourhood I believed we lived within! But, things are shaking, things are moving and people are standing firm. I hear you! Thank you! We are answering!

    • Barbara

      It really is sad, Eileen. We are in an alternate universe and I’m not comfortable in it either. I can only imagine the fear of being detained or worse simply by entering our country. This is not my U.S.A. anymore. It really breaks my heart.

  5. Barb

    my twenty something son is a “recovering asthmatic” (had it from birth to teens) and colds always turn to pneumonia. He can tell you asleep and under the influence the exact time that pneumonia enters his lungs, and when he was a kid he could tell you the minute he started wheezing-we used to have our own version of steriods that I used at my discretion. If I had a dime, just a dime, for every seal-barking unslept night I would be much richer. and my water bills would have been much lower (for sitting on the floor with the water running for steam until we lost the hot).

    • Barbara

      It seems, from my experience, that some people get colds and some of us get bronchitis or pneumonia. I have had both at different times or one leading into the other and it is such a drag! I hope your son is less bothered by this awful malady now. You are right about the seal barking. That’s exactly what it sounds like, inside and out!

  6. Joy

    I wonder if you can sue P45 for physical, emotional and mental distress?…hmm….just a thought. Seriously though, I sure hope you are feeling better and are able to sleep. My favorite cough medicine (prescribed) has always been Tussionex. The hydrocodone will knock you out! As for the diarrhea, I’m not sure if you’ve tried taking probiotics. My son is the same when he takes antibiotics and Florastor really helps him. It’s yeast based so the antibiotics don’t kill it and helps your gut when you’re medicated this way. Anyway, sending you good vibes, B! P.S. Dave is amazing, but I’m sure you already know that. xoxo

    • Barbara

      I’m sure there are tons of folks who would love to start a class action suit against 45, Joy! I’m feeling better today but still exhausted. All that hacking wears you out!
      Thanks for the good vibes!

  7. Tom Sightings

    Glad the scrambled eggs helped, and I hope you continue to get better. It’s true, stress increases the chances of coming down with these things and makes them worse when we do get them.

    • Barbara

      I’m waiting to hear back from the doc now. Need to get another x-ray I think.

  8. catladymarsha

    No fun to be sick – even in retirement. I had the flu last year and waited one day too long to call the Dr. and ended up in urgent care. The stress incontinence from the cough was more fun then we women should ever have. Ah well.
    If you don’t already take them add some probiotics to your regimen to make up for the fact that the antibiotics are now killing off all the good bacteria in your gut.
    Hope you’re feeling much better.

    • Barbara

      I’m going to look into the probiotics because this has drained me. Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. Caitlynne Grace

    Goodness!!! Another one who got sick with nasal and lung issues. You’re the 2nd one I’m reading about. I’m more than a little surprised. I too was ill, and slowly recovering. So many people I know suffered the same around the same time too – and we live on the other side of the globe – South East Asia, to be exact!

    Sisters in snot?!!!

    • Barbara

      HA! Sisters in snot!!! Thanks for the laugh, Caitlynne!

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