New Year, New Attitude

The New Year is upon us and I, for one, could not be happier. The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Twelve was not one of the kindest I’ve experienced in my sixty two years on earth.

It was a volatile year globally and personally. I’m a pretty positive person. I like to think I make the extra effort to find the silver lining. Some years are harder than others with that goal.

This year was difficult for my father-in-law, which in turn made it difficult for all of us who care for and about him. He is ninety four now and it is definitely showing.

It was a year of transitions with friends and family. There’s moving on and there’s moving out. I’ve seen both. Some things hurt more than others, but I always hope for the best. Love will find a way.

Nationally we’ve been through so much this year.

*One of the ugliest election years I can remember (even if I am happy with the end result).

*A hurricane so wild, crazy, and destructive they called it a Super Storm!

*And right in the midst of our most generous and giving time of year there were 26 innocent lives gone in a senseless rage of violence.

I came across this quote by Cecily Tyson today that I believe can give us some perspective on the lessons of this year:

“The sum total of my life experience profited more from negative than positive events. When you’re able to survive and reach another level of awareness it gives you more strength and confidence and enriches life more.

The negative experiences help me to find the positive, survive stronger, and richer, and fuller. More in touch with what God wants me to be in touch with.

You’ve survived and once you survive you’re on another level because you came through the storm. Storms are stimulating!”

I find that quote stimulating and encouraging, don’t you?


My hope is to find the lessons in the negatives and for the New Year to have more love and peace, both globally and personally.

On the bright side…

I’m grateful for all my author friends who have experienced the success of their hard work this year. They are smart, talented, generous women who are paving the way and encouraging those of us still dreaming the dream.

My goal for next year is to stop trying to figure out what I am, writer/ artist, and learn how to be better at both. I began earlier this month with a Media Boot Camp where I learned about self-promotion. It was fun.

I was so encouraged I signed up for a one day conference in Feb. on Picture Books. I may get Sugar Bugs published before the second Duffy Chronicles. That may lead to a weekend retreat on writing. Can an art class be far behind?

I love my new blog design (Thank YOU Susie Riley!) and how much the blog has grown this year. I am very hopeful for continued growth. Thanks to all of you for your continued support!

I’m thinking about a possible Blogstress gathering at the beach this year. I love how so many of us cross paths through our blogging and think it would be fun to get together for a weekend and really get to know each other and share ideas. Our own little conference. If you haven’t started blogging yet now would be the time!!

I will be starting a Newsletter for the New Year and if you would like to receive it please sign-up over on the sidebar. I won’t be jamming your inbox that often, I promise. No more than once a month at the most, perhaps just quarterly in the beginning.

If you haven’t already, please join the Zero to 60 and beyond Facebook page. Tell your friends! The more the merrier!

As Ms. Tyson so eloquently stated…

“You’ve survived and once you survive you’re on another level because you came through the storm. Storms are stimulating!”

Here’s hoping we all survive stronger and more stimulated in The Year of Our Lord Twenty Thousand Thirteen.

What plans are you cooking up for the new year? Feel free to share them here.




  1. It certainly has been a turbulent year, but – like you – I look for the lessons. And I think Tyson’s quote is amazing in that regard. Almost as though the positive experiences bring us to a place we want to be, and the negative bring us to a place where the Universe needs us to be. I’m awed by that thought!

    And count me in for that Beach Blogstresses Blanket Bingo – nothing sounds more fun!!!

    I’ve been blessed to see more positive than negative this year, particularly in my new friendships. I’m honored to have found you, my friend. Happy, happy, happy New Year to us both! xoxos

    • Barbara

      You are truly a light in my life Ms. Riley. I am grateful for you and know we will definitely get together this year…at least once.

  2. The local dish here is pork and sauerkraut. I’ve been living here for almost 10 years and this will be my first time attempting to make it. It supposedly brings good luck.

    I love your list of ambitions for 2013 and look forward to seeing what your creativity brings us. Happy New year Barbara.

    xo Catherine

    • Barbara

      Happy New Year Catherine! Can’t wait to see you in January. I’ll be bring ‘Susie on a Stick’ to join us!!

  3. Barbara don’t kill me but I have to use that Cecily Tyson quote in my post tonight. Your post echoes my sentiments about this year. I wrote to stay alive and it was brutal… Each positive post was a self healing session and I needed it as much as others. TY for your friendship but I gotta use that quote. TY! 🙂

    • The gathering sounds great. Count me in 🙂

      • Barbara

        You are more than welcome to the quote Elizabeth. I am so glad you’re in for the gathering! Now I have to get crackin’ on that!
        Happy New Year!

      • I’m always delighted to reconnect with you; especially this year …
        •.★♥★Happy New Year to You & Yours!★♥★.•

  4. I am all for the beach and a bright, healthy and prosperous New year.

    • Barbara

      Stay tuned! Happy New Year Red!

  5. Love that part about surviving and go to the next level even if it can be more tough in some cases than others. I look forward to follow you and your writing through next year as it gives me many thoughts about my own life so let me wish you a Happy Enriching New Year.

    • Barbara

      Thank you Ella. I’ve learned a lot about life in Sweden from your blog, too. Such a beautiful country!
      Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year!

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  7. Barbara,

    I have been fortunate this year that my 7-years of writing ended with a published memoir. As you know I’m busy promoting, which is the part I enjoy. As far as the world, that’s another story. I recently saw the movie, “Django.” I could not stay through this bloody, violent movie. I had no idea they showed mass shootings, bodies blowing up, dogs ripping a slave. It was so disgusting and the worst part is, I was the only one to get up and leave. I watched the other women in the audience who weren’t even covering up their eyes. I thought, “What has our society come to, where violence to this extreme is acceptable. No wonder our kids are becoming immune to violence. What about sex? We’re not allowed to show sex on TV, but blowing up people is OK? That’s what saddens me today.

    • Barbara

      I agree Sonia. I watched Oprah’s interview with Jamie Foxx and she said she almost walked out too. I believe we know this may be true, a definite black eye on our history, but do we really have to see it so graphically? I don’t think so. I do agree it creates an atmosphere that generates more violence and nothing is gained by that. It truly is sad.

  8. Wishing you (and fellow blogstresses) a bright 2013 filled with promising new beginnings, excitement, success, health and anything and everything we wish for! Let’s kick the dust of 2012 off our heels/boots/Uggs/sneakers/Manolo’s and move forward!
    ¸.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·’*~ Lee*

    • Barbara

      I am all about moving forward Lee!! Happy New Year!

  9. I am so with you on what a trying year this has been. I so feel for you with your father in law. I pray 2013 brings calm and peace to both of you.

    I’ve had an “off” year health wise – one of my goals is focus on getting into better shape so that everything else will work better as well. 🙂

    Happy New Year!! 🙂

    • Barbara

      It seems many of us have had an ‘off’ year Adrienne! Maybe the Mayans meant it was the end of a ‘time’ and we are ready to move forward in a more peaceful and civilized manner.
      Happy New Year and I hope you have a much better healthy New Year!

  10. It has been an angry and violent year. this new year I am going to become more emotionally invested in the human beings here in my life and less emotionally invested in the world. Not that I don’t care because I do and always will.
    Personally I have been blessed beyond measure in 2012. I became a published author and have traveled all over the country with my book. I have been blessed with blog friends (like you) that are now real life friends.
    I am looking forward to 2013. A beach conference of our own sounds FABULOUS!! Let me know what I can do to help.
    Media Boot Camp was interesting, first goal of 2013…write that pitch:)
    Happy New Year xxxooo

    • Barbara

      I agree Doreen! We need to, as the political saying goes, keep it local. Grass roots change is very powerful.
      I feel blessed to call you friend. You started my whole ‘conference frenzy’. Onward and upward to 2013 my friend! We will definitely have to talk about the beach conference…seems everyone’s interested and that’s awesome!

  11. –My hope is to find the lessons in the negatives–

    Brilliant Idea!

    Sending love love love to you, dearest. Xx

    • Barbara

      Kim I always look for the lesson. It doesn’t always reveal itself as quickly as you’d like but eventually you see the wisdom.
      Love to you and yours for 2013!

  12. I love this post, Barbara. Ms. Tyson’s quote is spot on and inspiring. It reminds me of Nietzsche’s similar, shorter version: That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Indeed. So 2013 ought to be a darn good year since we’re all still here. I will take a cue from you and sign up for some writing/media classes in the coming months. Count me in on that beach gathering. I’d love to meet you and my fellow bloggers. Wishing you and your family a very happy New Year!

    • Barbara

      Happy New Year Steph!! So excited about putting together a gathering at the beach! Looking forward!

  13. I’m glad we survived 2012, and I agree it was not without interesting, and some heartbreaking events. On this side of the pond we had the Olympics, which reminded me what the word “community” means, and I really loved them but, personally the year had a decent helping of anxiety. Through it all I’ve found your presence in my Blogoshere to be heartwarming and entertaining. I thank you for that. I hope your 2013 is full of the pleasures and satisfactions you so richly deserve. Peter x

  14. 2012 was certainly challenging on a number of fronts, but for me, personally, it was an amazing year of growth. In fact, I am writing my word of the year wrap-up post and loved my word (practice) and what it did for me so much that I don’t want to give it up in 2013!

    • Barbara

      You have been diligent with your practice this year Karen. You set a great example for many. Here’s hoping 2013 is even better!!

  15. Wishing you a wonderful 2013! And thank you for sharing much wisdom and inspiration here 🙂

    • Barbara

      Thank you Stacia and same to you! I look forward to more inspiration from your work as well!

  16. Diane

    Thanks Barbara – as always you seem to sum up so much of what my life has been. 2012 started and ended in the crapper. Daughter left in Jan 2012 not sure when we would see her again or for how long, my dear father in-law died end of Nov. As much as that stinks the good always out ways the bad. I agree it is the rough spots in life that make us stronger and better individuals. So here’s my hope for 2013 – planing on laughing a lot more, taking more risks, and enjoys the simple things in life. Planning on making some good memories this year – time to remember, reflect and move on.

    • Barbara

      Here! Here! Diane!

  17. 2012 was a combination year for me: there were some real low spots, but enough positive events to leave me with a mixed feeling about the year just passed.

    Being rather optimistic by nature I assume 2013 will be good, until proven otherwise!

    • Barbara

      It does help to be an optimist, doesn’t it Bob? It keeps me going too.

  18. I wish you a better 2013, for you and your family!

    • Barbara

      Thank you Sara! I’m sure your 2013 will be very fun and adventurous with your little girl. Enjoy it!

  19. I’ve read such great resolution posts this week. Yours here, Barb, on being happy and turning challenges into something that make us stronger. Susie’s on loving more. Some Facebook shares on wiping the slate clean. The Buzz Blog’s “Obsess less, sparkle more.” Alison over at Stuff & Nonsense paring down social media and other distractions to focus on writing — and living — “intentionally.”

    I’ll be thinking about all of that this year, plus continuing the journey to find out the answer (at least for the moment!) to a challenge posed in a move that escapes me — but the advice remains: “Figure out what you really want, and then learn how to ask for it.” Surprisingly hard to do, and perhaps surprising where that answer leads. So here’s to 2013 and all it will bring. Hopefully good stuff for all of us.

    • Barbara

      So much is elusive Doreen, which is why so many fail to keep ‘resolutions’. I think of so many years I focused on the future and missed the present. You can’t get it back. It’s time to live in the here and now. Carpe Diem!

  20. Excellent post as always!

    Personally, 2012 was very uneventful for me. I was so focused on believing I would feel something or see something or know something when we hit the dates of 12/12/12 and 12/21/2012, but no revelations have yet to come.

    My whole life has been spent never feeling like I am in the right place at the right time and always trying to create a new life. My intention for 2013 is trying to be where I am, despite it not being what I think it should be. If I can manage this, it will be like hitting the jackpot mega millions!

    Happy New Year fellow bloggers!

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