Passion! The mere word stirs the soul, doesn’t it? There have been a lot of passionate displays recently and whether you shared someone else’s passion or not you had to admire it.

I have, perhaps, shown my passion in excess recently but I’m unashamed. It has to come out…be set free…lest we might explode. That’s what if feels like to be passionate about something.

When you share a passion with someone the energy grows and becomes more powerful. You may put off some people, displaying your passion, but the alternative is unthinkable to me.

No one expresses their passion more than my dear friend Isabelle who is a newly minted citizen of the U.S.A.  Her passion during our insane political season was infectious.

First of all, to become a citizen requires a certain passion. I respect that more than I can say. I can’t imagine becoming a citizen of another country no matter how much I may enjoy it or even love it. Yet as many as one million immigrants become citizens of the U.S. each year.

I think this says more about our country than the vitriol spewed forth this past year between our political parties. And, to be honest, I think anyone who goes through the process of becoming a citizen has the right to shout their views from the rooftops if they so choose…which Isabelle did. It was infectious.

We share the same political views but her passion gave them new meaning for me. It was palpable. It was invigorating. It made me feel more engaged in the election process and what was at stake. I am grateful for her passion!

I’ve never been a fan of the apathetic. Life is too short. How boring it must be to live without passion.

It doesn’t matter if your passion is for a different view than mine as long as you are genuine in your belief and have a mutual respect for the other side. Being passionate doesn’t give license to being mean spirited.

Now it’s back to less volatile passions, like music and art, and that’s fine with me because I can use the rest.

What are you passionate about? I hope you’ll share your passion in the comments. 


  1. Isabelle Meyer

    Thanks Barbara! For me being interested in the country where you live is important. Understanding it and caring about the people who live in it, is even more important! So I guess that’s where my passion came from. I like fairness, integrity, humbleness and intelligence….. the choice was easy!

    • Congratulations Isabelle!! I attended a ceremony a few years back granting citizenship and it was one of the most moving experiences of my life.

  2. Barbara

    You make it sound so simple but it’s more complex than that. You are an exceptional citizen and human being my friend! If only we all liked the same things you like!

  3. Mutual respect for the other side is the most important aspect of political passion, I think. We didn’t see as much of that as I wish we would have. Maybe we’ll learn something from this election. The vitriol was so over the top. Wishful thinking, maybe. I’m passionate about equality and rights for all. Hopefully we’ll make even more strides in that area in the next 4 years. And I’m passionate about my friends, and how our mutual support fosters our community both online and offline. I’m talking about you, Barbara. I love our connection.

    • Barbara

      Thanks so much Stephanie! I am very glad we connected as well. I agree the vitriol has to stop now. I truly hope we make great strides back to center over the next 4 years.

      • I hope so to. Too many teenagers read the vitriol spilled by middle aged women at other women. We must correct that.

      • Barbara

        I think so much of the vitriol comes from fear, don’t you? Fear of having to accept the changes in our country and the world…a kind of fear of losing your comfort zone. Unfortunately you can’t deny the changes are real. I wish we could help those people accept and move forward.

  4. Passion – love the word, and have so many “mini-passions” – I guess I like to sprinkle the passion dust around.
    family * furkids * home * music * Christmas * 80s tunes * nature * and now I’m enjoying learning about Reiki, angels & Buddhism – There’s always something new to be passionate about! 🙂

    • Barbara

      You are truly one of the most passionate people I know Lee and your passion and enthusiasm is always sprinkled on those of us around you. Thanks for that!

  5. Superb Post, Barbara.

    Without “Passion,” what good is life? Seriously.

    I had much more passion before my sister’s murder, but now that passion has transformed into something utterly new.

    For example, I am passionate about bringing awareness to domestic violence now.

    And of course, quite passionate about “WORDS.”

    Love your blog, dear. Love that you were passionate about the election…Xx

    • Barbara

      Thanks Kim. I think your passion oozes from every post you write and through the work you do to bring awareness to domestic violence and abuse. Now that’s how to make passion really matter!

    • I heart you! I lost my passion for a few years after my brothers murder too. I am so grateful I was able to find my words again and my passion is creeping back in…

  6. “Being passionate doesn’t give license to being mean spirited.”

    Yes! Passion doesn’t need to equal hostility to those who disagree.

    • Barbara

      I agree Azara! If we all had passion for the same things it would be a pretty boring world, wouldn’t it?

  7. Congratulations to Isabelle! Passion is infectious and exciting and I enjoy being around people who enjoy their positive passions… and it adds to mine. I love travel, the written word, music and more; they keep me alive and fresh. I enjoy reading your blog and a good laugh helps me stay happy. 🙂

    • Barbara

      I love your sense of humor Elizabeth! and I know how passionate you are about many things.

  8. Your posts always show a passionate person who feels deeply and care tremendously, regardless of the subject. Maybe it is a guy thing, but I wish I expressed a bit more of my “passion” about things on a regular basis. True, my blog allows me to express myself, but it is in a controlled way to not offend or drive folks away. Passion is what makes someone feel truly alive.

    Becoming a citizen is hard work. From what I’ve read about the process I doubt many of us could pass the test without study and practice. Isabelle deserves strong congratulations.

    • Barbara

      I do think guys have a harder time to expressing their feelings and passions Bob. Not sure why that is. I will tell you though, if I didn’t let it out I sometimes think I would explode. You should give it a try. I don’t think any of your readers would mind at all.
      As for the citizen test…I am pretty certain I couldn’t pass it!

  9. I’m passionate about fellow bloggers like you Barbara, who find passionate things to write about!

    • Barbara

      Awww Thanks Le Anne! I love your passion for movies and always enjoy your reviews!

  10. I loved the passion and sense of urgency you felt for the election. It was invigorating in its own right. I hope you get as much buzz from your music and art, even if it is of a different kind.

    • Barbara

      Thanks Peter. There is no passion quite like the sense of civic duty to do the right thing, even tho many of us have different ideas about what the right thing is. But, honestly I can use an emotional break from that kind of intensity!

  11. I take passion — with all its soars and dips, joys and heartaches — over blase every day. Imagine going through life not really caring strongly about anything? I can’t.

    • Barbara

      I completely agree Doreen!

  12. Barbara,

    Did you know I had to go through the whole process of becoming an American citizen which was not easy?
    I had to take a class, learn some history, camp outside immigration, answer questions and then the person who interviewed me barely spoke English.
    I believe in passion and have strong views on immigration considering what I went through myself.

    • Barbara

      I hadn’t thought about that Sonia, but obviously you would have to go through that process as well. I would love to hear your views on immigration!

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