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Playing House at The Beach

It’s been a week since my last post and that week just flew by.  We’ve been busy getting the house at the beach open and ready for this inaugural weekend.

Normally we would have most of the cleaning and ‘heavy lifting’ done by the end of April but we couldn’t leave dad alone so it was postponed until he was settled in his new place. 

It never ceases to amaze me how dirty an empty closed up house can get over the winter.  We have a lot of open shelving which means everything has to come down and get washed.  That makes sense but I don’t understand how everything inside the cabinets also gets dusty.

Needless to say we haven’t gotten to every little nook and cranny yet, but I don’t mind.  Cleaning the beach house is like playing house to me.  I love to rearrange things and move pictures around as I clean.

The kitchen here is about as far from my dream kitchen as it could possibly be and yet I love cooking here.  When my son was putting a new kitchen in his home he told me he should bring the contractor here to show him what he absolutely didn’t want.  I laughed, because it’s true but I don’t care.

We have slowly made improvements here over the past 13 years but I doubt we’ll ever run out of projects that need to be done.  It’s ok with us that we have to remember to tell guests they can’t use their blow dryer if the microwave is running because all the power will go out. 

The things that make me crazy at home just roll off my back here.  I’ll tell you why…

This house is a true blessing in my life.  From the first time I visited Ocean City, NJ I wanted a house here.  We both did but Dave never thought it would be possible.  I knew someday it would happen.  Don’t ask me how I knew, I just knew.

We didn’t even own a primary residence back then.  It didn’t matter.  I wasn’t living in a fantasy world I was just certain and patient.  Me patient?! Yes, it’s hard even for me to believe that. But I was. For 26 years.  There’s probably a lesson in that realization.  I’ll think about that later. 

Now I am just sitting here in my sweet little beach cottage with the rickety windows and bad linoleum kitchen floor loving every moment.

I’ve not painted in almost a year.  This house brings out all my creative juices.  I will dabble with color on assorted surfaces.  I will photograph scenes that inspire me.  I will find my muse once again thanks to this little beach house.

As I said the first time I wrote about the beach house… Never give up your dreams!

What dreams have you realized?  Where are you most creative?  I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. OpinionsToGo

    Love your post…and your photo just proves how happy AND lucky you are to have a dream realized!

    • Barbara

      Oh how I know how fortunate I am. I just want everyone to follow their dream and realize it!
      Thanks for the comment… follow your dream and come back to share with us!

  2. What a wonderful little dream boat. I’m still waiting for my beach home, so you’ve definitely got something lovely there. The picture of you and hubby is so beautiful… Enjoy the summer and hello Muse! 🙂

    • Barbara

      Elizabeth you need to come visit! I will gladly share my shore muse with you anytime you want to come. You are always welcome!

  3. Sharon O

    How fun, a beach house. I really could retire at the beach my heart is at peace there, listening to the waves, the powerful surf with the wind messing my hair up and the quiet. Most of all the quiet is not so quiet if one really listens.

    • Barbara

      very true Sharon… there are messages in the quiet sounds here.

  4. Wow… I can actually hear your relaxed tone when you write ‘I don’t care.’ How wonderful!

    • Barbara

      That made me chuckle Susie. You need to come visit and you won’t care either!

  5. What a lovely home!

    what a lovely home!

  6. ahhhh the beach home! I have one of those beauties on my bucket list, and hope to enjoy one while Ange & I can still play rough in the waves together!

    • Barbara

      If anyone can make that happen it would be you Lee! Ya gotta believe!!

  7. My dream is that someday we’ll be able to spend the coldest, darkest months of the (New England) year in a warm, sunny place and then come back to our beloved home in New London when it makes sense to be here 🙂 I don’t know how it will happen, but I believe it will!

    • Barbara

      Funny you say that Karen because we have no desire to be here in the winter. It is desolate and damp and cold from Nov.-at least March. We just haven’t figured out where to go for the winter because we’re not big fans of Fla.
      I am sure you can make that happen!

  8. Congrats on getting your dream beach house and opening it up this weekend! Exciting stuff! Now, I want a beach house :p

    • Barbara

      Sara I have no doubt you will get anything you really want in this life.

  9. Your beach house = instant relaxation (and charm!), from kitchen to porch.

    Somehow everything’s so much better by the surf.

    • Barbara

      Thanks Doreen. It’s truly about the ambiance of the locale primarily. You just stress less and that’s always a good thing.

  10. Lauren D.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach house!!!<3<3<3 Wishing I was down there right now with you!

    • Barbara

      I know you do Lauren. It’s raining today so don’t feel too too bad.

  11. You have a wonderful house! About your question… I think I’m in a period when I’m thinking a lot about what my dreams were and what they still are.

    • Barbara

      I love it when you stop by Ella! You still have children home so your goals and dreams may change for a while. I believe if you want it badly enough, whatever it is, you can achieve it.

  12. What a lovely house that is. No wonder the creative juices flow anew. Very nice photo of you two as well. Looking so happy and relaxed

    • Barbara

      Peter it’s impossible not to be relaxed here. Whenever you visit the States you’ll have to come by!