I realized this morning it has been over a week since my last post. I try to get at least one out every week but, sometimes life requires me to step away from the computer. When I wasn’t away from the computer this past week I was working on the memoir.

Today it is gorgeous outside and heading toward 70 degrees so, this will be a short post because I have to get outside and take a long walk. It seems writing isn’t good for the size of your ass and, spring is springing up all over which means, well, it means it’s time for me to walk off the blubber.

I do type standing up sometimes but, clearly not enough. I think I need a treadmill desk. They do exist, I’ve heard.

Our little girl, Sydney, aka Sybil, has turned on me. She honestly thinks she is the boss of me. No, really, she thinks she is the boss of everything and everyone. If I start up the stairs she starts barking and snarling at me like she will chew my heels off if I don’t ask for a hall pass. She doesn’t do it as often with Dave but, she is ‘Daddy’s Girl’ after all.


2013-11-23 22.09.16


We joke about it all the time but, truth be told, I think all the seizures she’s experienced over her eleven years have literally rattled her little brain. They are few and far between now but, before we got the right medication it was fairly often. It has to have an impact on the brain.

The funniest part of all this is, when we go to bed at night she will latch onto me and sleep by my side. It’s like she does still love me but doesn’t want anyone to see it. She cracks me up.

Buddy is Buddy and he adores everybody. It’s a mutual admiration. We were talking the other day about how good he is. We’ve had dogs who shred trash, chew furniture, make messes all over the house, devour cheese trays in a nano-second, but not Buddy.


Buddy in his bow tie

Buddy in his bow tie


Our car should be named Sybil, too. Aside from a BMW that had a complete engine overhaul, this VW EOS is truly a puzzle. We replaced the engine a while back after an oil leak became more than an oil leak. Of course, it was 2 months after the warranty expired.

Dave worked his way up the food chain with VW proving we have been beyond loyal VW customers forever and they split the cost with us. It was still expensive but, half of what it could have been. But, the check engine light continued to come on frequently.

It has been in the shop a lot the past few months and the dealership has been very generous in loaning us a car for free while it is there but, the damn light still kept coming on.

Today they told us they have finally found the problem, Scouts Honor! We’ll know in a couple of days when we get it back. In the meantime, we have a Jetta.

As frustrating as it’s been I have to give props to Burke VW in Cape May Courthouse. They have been diligent about getting to the root of this problem and spared us a lot of expense along the way.

I don’t want this post to sound like a big complaint list because it’s not. The more I delve into the memoir the more grateful I become for the amazing life I have. Life Is Good!

So what’s happening in your neck of the woods?






  1. Michelle

    Okay…HOW ADORABLE! OMG…what a sweetie pie.

    • Barbara

      It’s the adorableness that saves their butts every time!


    Those dog photos. I mean. Those dog photos are so gorgeous. Riley is also super moody with me. But I know he loves me, yes I do!

    • Barbara

      Sydney makes me laugh. She’s like a mother hen wanting everyone where she can see them. I wouldn’t trade her for the World! And, Buddy…he’s just the best.
      Riley is very adorable, too!

  3. Doreen McGettigan

    It is so hard to believe such cuteness could act up at all:)
    I was in meetings all day and only had a chance to be outside while getting in and out of the car. I am definitely getting a walk in tomorrow!
    My step brother works for a VW Dealership and they are in big trouble with their latest engines. They are not even allowed to sell the new diesel engine cars. So far the dealerships are incurring all the cost but there is bound to be a massive class action suit and as hard as VW has worked to keep the bad news quiet, it will come out soon.

    • Barbara

      I don’t think it’s being kept quiet at all. It’s been in the news for a while. I’ve never had a diesel and wouldn’t, but I was greatly disappointed in them when I heard about it. We’ve had eleven, maybe twelve VW’s and this is the first we’ve had this progression of issues with. Somehow I believe they’ll make it right and come out ok. I’m hoping.

  4. Bob Lowry

    Sybil sounds a bit like our dog, Bailey. She has positioned me as the Alpha in our home, so when Betty does something Bailey is not always the most pleasant. If I leave the room, even if it only eight feet to my office, she gets up to come and lie by the computer desk. If Betty goes somewhere else, Bailey stays put.

    At bed time, it is different. Bailey needs to lie between us, with her head touching one of us and her legs the other! She snuggles with Betty more than me.

    Go figure.

    • Barbara

      Must be the cocker part, Bob. Sydney thinks she’s the alpha in the family the it’s Dave, Buddy and me. She makes me laugh!

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