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I posted last week about the child molester in Alabama. That was before Al Franken was accused of groping Leeann Tweeden, with evidence of his own making. Now it’s Charley Rose?! OMG, I’m not sure how much I can take.

Let me say, child molestation in any form will never be given a pass from me. And, I will support anyone who comes out with their personal story of being assaulted, as long as it’s not simply piling on for political reasons.

Here’s the thing…times have changed. Women my age have survived sexual assaults first hand in the workplace, on a date, at a party, in our own homes…we’ve seen and felt it all. Back in the dark ages, say 30-40 years ago, we were somewhat conditioned to shrug it off and keep our mouth shut.

Fortunately, that has changed but, has the pendulum swung too far? Should we now feel assaulted if someone poses for a picture and puts their arm around us with part of their hand touching below the waist?

Some of the accusations I’ve heard since Harvey Weinstein was exposed are beyond disturbing. The thought of someone masturbating in front of me? Some old guy walking around naked in my presence? OMG, I think I would throw up.

But some recent accusations, literally, seem petty. If there’s no intentional touching with sexual intent, it’s no worse than someone brushing up against you getting on a bus, is it?

I’m referring now to the woman who accused Al Franken of touching her butt while posing with him for a picture. That’s different than the photo of him with Leeann Tweeden, which was staged for him appearing to grope her breasts.

But, did you see the photos of Leeann on that same USO tour thrusting against a surprised soldier while she kissed him? I’m pretty sure she had her tongue in his mouth, but even if she didn’t the look on his face speaks volumes, to me. What makes that any different than what Franken did?


al franken accuser leeann tweeden


All that said, I think what’s more relevant is how times have changed. Were you a fan of Saturday Night Live in the ‘70’s? I was. Do you think the Buck Henry skits with Gilda and Laraine would ever be shown today? Not a chance!

Here’s a transcript of one of the skits with some photos on the side. Tell me would this EVER get on the air today? Not a chance! But, Franken was one of the writers back then, and this was totally acceptable. They kept that Buck Henry character around for quite a long time.

Did I laugh? Perhaps a nervous chuckle but, I never found it funny. It made my skin crawl.

Have we, as a society, evolved from this being ok? I would like to think we have but, how long will it take to get the pendulum back to center?

The president of our country has bragged about groping women and walking into teenage girls dressing rooms while they’re in different stages of undress but finds Mr. Franken’s ‘comedic’ photo worthy of him being thrown out of the Senate? I’m not giving Franken a pass, don’t misunderstand. He’s admitted it was inappropriate.

But, if Franken were a Republican it would be a very different story. The Republican candidate in Alabama is a flat out pedophile, and the whole world knows it. And now drumpf’s publicly endorsing that pedophile. Maybe they have too much in common.

What do you think?




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  1. Tom Sightings

    Basically I agree with you. But humor is such a strange beast. It’s supposed to be weird and edgy and border on the tasteless, and even sometimes make you cringe. I don’t remember this scene, but I too probably laughed . . . and also I might have taken a second look at our babysitter before we left our little kids with them at home alone.

    • Barbara

      It’s interesting to look back at what was acceptable back then, isn’t it Tom? Sometimes the pendulum goes too far.

  2. Pia

    I feel the same way. We were born the year after Ingrid Bergman was forced to leave the USA because of her affair (and children) with Roberto Rossellini. Are we turning into self proclaimed “but me, never” McCarthyites.

    Me thinks a lot of this is a big distraction from the bigger more important things going on

  3. Mary

    I saw where this Leeann was a big Trump supporter and I agree about degrees!
    The shocker for me was Charlie Rose. I always liked him and respected him as such a gentleman and a class act. Boy we’re we all fooled with that one!

    And then there’s Trump who gets away with it all because of his base’s mindset just like with Roy Moore. It’s disgusting…these hypocritical so called Christians!

    • Barbara

      I’m with you, Mary, Charlie Rose blew me away! Nothing about drumpf could surprise me.