Kind Words

As a writer you don’t always get the feedback you truly need.  As a blogger it is sometimes instantaneous. Just another reason I believe everyone should have a blog… because everyone has a story and everyone needs love and kindness.

Here are some of the kind words I’ve enjoyed from readers of my blog.

More kind words about my books and art can be found on those pages of this site.

Thank you ALL!

I felt like you were beside me telling the story as I read this… which is about the best compliment a writer can get, I think.

Stylemaniac, Doreen Creede
A post right from the heart. I’m glad to include you in the ‘Life Lessons’ series… and thank you so much for being a part of this project.

Abubakar Jamil
Dear Barbara, I was so moved reading this. Many thanks for your contribution!

Farnoosh Brock
What a wonderful…beautiful…incredibly touching story. I had a tear in my eye… well done!

I probably should have waited to read this in private, at home… but this post is just perfect. Thanks.

Great opinion piece.  I think you've done Darren Rowse proud!  Love the way you told us stories so it didn't get boring.

Annabel Candy
They say the other side of 50 is interesting.  It looks like the best thing to take along is a sense of humor!  Congratulations on being Blog of the Day for 31 days to build a better blog!

Jane in Australia
I admire the totally engaging, yet matter of fact way you have of storytelling.  It makes a good read.

Le Anne Lindsay
I have to say this is a really gripping story.  It's only a shame you had to live it in order to tell it.  Your survival is a credit to you.

Counting Ducks
You are a beautiful woman who is standing in her truth and so you are a wonderful role model to me.  Powerful stuff.

KCL Anderson
I felt like I was in that room with you... Good writing Barbara.

Jotter Girl
Thanks for letting your heart come through in your writing.

Thank you for writing so honestly about the perceptions and misconceptions of bloggers.  Can't wait to read your book.

Miss Donna
I love this post Barb... especially the $5 bet story... classic!

Madness Mom and Me... Lee
Just found your blog and like it very much as I've come to the conclusion that I like bloggers that share different experiences in life, not just one subject.

A pretty informative post.  I like very much your presentation.  Some great info to be absorbed in this post.  Thanks for sharing.  I have bookmarked this for my friends.  Keep Blogging!

I'm really touched reading this.  Wonderful memory and journaling.

Love your Duffy Chronicles!  You are a very inspiring lady... and your positive attitude strikes a chord with me.

Honey, not only do you have a memoir, you have an amazing story that spans generations.  Keep writing!  This is very engaging, heart wrenching and more.

Without wishing to embarrass you I'm thinking of forming a UK branch of the "Barbara Fan Club". Firstly you always talk so much sense, and secondly you have both talent and an eye for talent , so, all in all, well worthy of praise. OK, enough gushing for now. Happy creating.