The 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show!


It has been a strange winter and it looks like spring is going to be just as weird. February was almost spring like and March has roared in with a blizzard for some and hurricane force winds for others. We’re getting battered here at the shore but, we’re kind of used to that and there’s no shoveling involved.

So, today seems like the perfect day to share our trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show. I took a few (*ahem* maybe 50) pictures to show you.

Let’s start at the entrance…



The theme this year was ‘Holland’ and now I want to go there! They didn’t scrimp on tulips, that’s for sure, there were 30,000 of them! But, so much more…


Bicycles are the primary mode of transportation in Holland and they were everywhere in the most ingenious ways!

I love the shadows!

Holland had the first bike share program, which we see in every big city these days, and their bicycles were white. I doubt they ever envisioned them in such a display but, I’m so glad someone did. Here’s one more…


I always enjoy the vignettes. There are different categories, like ‘Table Settings’ and ‘Entryways’, etc. Here are a few of my faves…


Table Settings


My favorite entryway.

The next two photos are so ingenious and beautifully executed. They are mosaics made of real flowers. I LOVE them!

More bicycles!

These hanging bottles on the left are so pretty…and at the bottom of the photo, you can see the throngs of people who were there opening day! It was quite crowded and I’m sure it will be until it closes on Saturday the 16th! So get over there if you can, you won’t regret it!

You have to have windmills at a Holland themed show! Aren’t they gorgeous!?

That’s enough beauty for one post but, be sure to check the Zero to 60 Facebook page this week for even more photos of this amazing show.

And, I want to thank FTD for giving me the opportunity to share my visit to the 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show with all of you! Which display was your favorite? Please share in the comments!



  1. Barb Best

    Wonderful photos! The white bike display is great. I didn’t know a flower show could be so exciting 🙂

    • Barbara

      The Philly show is the largest in the country and they really outdid themselves this year! Glad you liked it!

  2. Roxanne Jones

    WOW! Your pictures give me hope that spring will be here one of these days!

    • Barbara

      Just being there gave me hope for the end of winter! Today isn’t fitting the bill but, hopefully, will be the END of winter storms!

  3. Eileen Hopkins

    Blown away by your pictures and all the bicycle-infused ideas!! Love (as you well know!). What a wonderful way to experience a splurge of colour in the slightly delayed spring! Beautifully photographed!

    • Barbara

      Thanks, Eileen, glad you liked it. The creativity with the bicycles was truly amazing. Loved it all!

  4. Mona McGinnis

    The tulip displays at the bridge and the mosaics are beautiful. I’m reminded of going to the greenhouses in the spring and basking in the flowers. Yes, spring will come.

    • Barbara

      It seemed so appropriate that we fell back into winter again when the show opened. Yes there is hope for spring!!

  5. Lee Sequeira

    WOWSAH – such BEAUTIFUL photos! They really upped their floral game this year!

    • Barbara

      They really did, Lee. We didn’t go last year because the year before was kind of a bust. Glad FTD reached out to nudge me. It was such a great show!

  6. Barbara Chilcott

    Love them all…Thank you…Not going to make it this year… Shedding many tears, boo hoo!

  7. Susan Demberg

    Awesome photos Barbara. You really captured the essence of the show. This year was one of our favorites👍😘. For those of you that have never gone, you are missing a truly magical event.

  8. Jacqueline Kim Murray

    I missed this year’s flower show but thought last year’s tribute to our National Parks was spectacular. I noticed here in your photo section, the windmills that Holland is so famous for. Just the photographs are breathtaking. I hope the butterfly populations can be salvaged. Both my mother and myself loved them for years. Philadelphia is about the most on- the -ball place that I know of, and I am beyond proud of my born and bred bond with this awesome town. Philadelphia seems to do everything better than everyone else. Pick what any city can do and you always find that Philadelphia does it 10 times better, raising the bar every single time. It is no wonder the Philadelphia International flowershow is so intoxicating, just like the place that hosts it. J. Kim Murray.

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