The Bathroom Reno Reveal!


Today I want to brag on my husband, Dave, and shout out a huge thank you to Adam Wing of Magnolia Construction, best cabinet maker ever, and rave about a company that is incredible to work with,

The bathroom reno is into the finishing touches like moldings and such, and it is beautiful. I marvel at the things involving tools and construction that my husband has always been able to do. He didn’t learn it during his career in retail, and he definitely didn’t learn it from his dad, who could barely tell a hammer from a screwdriver.



Dave has learned a lot more over the past three years working with Habitat for Humanity and building homes, which is something he always wanted to do when he retired. Some of his friends from Habitat were helpful in many ways, like loaning tools he didn’t have. That surprised me because I was pretty sure he had every tool ever made.

In any case, the bathroom will be finished, hopefully, this week but, I couldn’t wait to share it with you.



The shower is great and I LOVE the sliding doors!


We got the light fixture at Lowe’s and the beautiful mirror at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore!



Had to get a close-up of the tiles! Aren’t they fabulous?



Aahhh…the sink!!! With the very cool faucet!


Dave couldn’t have done it without Adam, who even managed to find the perfect countertop to compliment our navy blue and white color scheme. Adam also helped us with all of our renovations when we first moved in. The two of them together are a dynamic duo!

Now, let me tell you how wonderful Wayfair has been to work with.

The faucet you see in these photos of the sink is not the first one we ordered. I was into all chrome accessories, (is a faucet an accessory?), and chose a simple squarish contemporary style because I like to mix our country vibe with modern.

The problem was the beautiful vessel sink we are in love with, or as Christina on Flip or Flop would say *Obsessed with*, was too deep/tall for the first faucet. It fits into the sink but, if your hands were larger than a child’s, it was hard to get them under it.

I contacted Wayfair and explained the situation, and they told me to return it in the original box and emailed me an address label. It was pretty simple and straightforward until Dave told me he thought the box had been thrown out.

So I sent a message to Wayfair to see if we were stuck with it. I spoke to a very nice man who said they would credit our account and not to bother sending the first one back. Yes, you read that correctly. I spoke to a human.

So I started looking for a replacement faucet and found the one you see in the sink photo. It was about the same price, and I ordered it. In the meantime, Dave found the box for the first faucet, and I contacted Wayfair again. They had already credited our account but said they would send me a return label if I wanted to send the first one back.

I don’t know about you but, I can’t recall this kind of customer service from any other company on the internet.

So we are sending the original faucet back and, as you can see, Dave installed the new one already. I love it even more than the first one, and that’s a big plus!


Dave did all the tile work, which is another thing I’m *obsessed with*, and yesterday he installed the shower doors, (with very little help from yours truly!). He is a man of all trades!

Just about everything in this project came from Wayfair. The tile, including the blue glass tile I LOVE, the sink, and the shower doors. The only thing that’s taken a while, believe it or not, are the cabinet knobs. I ordered them over a week ago, and it seems they were lost in transit. So, they are sending another set ASAP.

I will follow-up with more photos when it’s completely finished but, you get the idea!

Your turn. Do you have any construction stories to share? Have you renovated and loved it? or not? Please share!




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  1. Lee Sequeira

    I HAVE SINK ENVY!!! WOW Barb — Dave and Adam did a magnificent job — what a GORGEOUS bathroom!
    Congrats 🙂

    • Barbara

      Thanks, Lee! You should check out the vessel sinks they have on

      • Lee Sequeira

        I will – I need to re-do my bathroom sinks! Is DAVE for hire? 🙂 haha

  2. Carol A Cassara

    He really did a great job. I love the results.

    • Barbara

      It is beautiful, isn’t it? Thanks, Carol.

  3. Beth

    Gorgeous. I’m jealous. Truly great choices.

    • Barbara

      Beth, if you ever need great options for a project, go to They have the best choices for fixtures and all the accessories! For all rooms of the house.

  4. Haralee

    Great looking! A friend is doing some major renovations and I get the pleasure of shopping for various items with her and having a vicarious thrill with out the cost or mess!

    • Barbara

      Thanks, Haralee. We definitely saved money because Dave did most of the work, but it wasn’t cheap! So worth it, though. Tell your friend to check out I love them!

  5. Anne-Marie

    Very nice work, David & Adam!

  6. 1010ParkPlace

    I’m beyond impressed that Dave did the majority of this, because I have an appreciation for all of the work involved. Please tell Dave he did a splendid job! My master bath and powder room are finally finished. Need to post photos and share the renovation like you have. Both were done by one man, and a “gopher” who helped him. People who do this are artists and craftsmen! xoxox, Brenda

    • Barbara

      I will tell him, Brenda. He works very hard on projects and I appreciate the effort and savings! Can’t wait to see your reno!