The Duffy Chronicles, an excerpt

 This is an excerpt from The Duffy Chronicles, Duffy Finds His Family. It’s available on Amazon and Barnes and, and NOW on Kindle. It’s the story of our pound puppy, in his voice. If you enjoy this I would love for you to share it, buy it (all profits go to PAWS), and most importantly Support Your Local Shelter! It’s also a great gift for any child or dog lover, and gift giving season is upon us! Thanks. 


I arrived at my new home on a Saturday.  It was early afternoon on a nice late summer day.  I was really soaking up the family atmosphere, and getting to know Benson. 

Even though there was a large yard, we still had to go for walks with leashes.  I understood that, but I was a little overwhelmed with all the new scents in the neighborhood. Benson was almost embarrassed to walk with me, but he tried to be patient, knowing I was young. 

My first night there was awkward. They made the laundry room very comfortable for me. It was nice and roomy, with a soft blanket and pillow.  At first I thought, “Wow, my own room!”  Then everyone went upstairs and I was left alone. 

I cried and cried.  I wanted to be with everyone else. First mom came down.  “Now Duffy, you have your very own room, calm down and get some sleep.” She petted me for a while, and tucked me back in.  I felt better… until she left.  Then I started crying again.  I really couldn’t help it.

Finally she came down, picked me up, and took me to their bedroom.  She put me next to Ben, on a fluffy rug.  But before she could get into their bed, I was in it.  It was a huge bed!  I wanted to sleep with them.  I had never felt so close to a human before. 

This went on for quite a while.  Mom would tuck me in with Ben, and I would beat her back to the bed.  Maybe because it was getting very late, they finally let me sleep in the bed. I loved my new home more than I could have ever imagined. 

Benson and I had lots of time to talk and learn about each other while we were alone.  He liked soft toys.  He loved to play with his puppet named Snuggle. I liked hard chew toys. 

One day, while enjoying a rawhide in the kitchen I smelled something familiar.  Dogs have a very keen sense of smell, you know.  So I got up and followed the scent.  When I got to the big window in the family room I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The MAILMAN!  He was walking up the street toward our house.  How dare he come near my new home.  I had to protect it. 

I was barking so loudly Ben came running to see what was wrong. I didn’t have time to explain. I had to keep barking to warn that evil mailman to stay away from my new family. 

Ben must have sensed something awful was happening so he started barking, too.  I watched the mailman as long as I could from the back window, then I ran to the side window and he was still coming!  I couldn’t believe he wasn’t heeding my warning.  It wasn’t the mailman that put me in jail, but they must know each other.

When I couldn’t see him from the side window I ran to the front window and, to my absolute horror, he was coming right toward the door!  I had never been so enraged since his friend dumped me in doggie jail!  I almost burst through the front window, but it was closed. 

I was scratching and barking like crazy, and he didn’t even care.  Mailmen are really a different breed. They have no respect for your territory.  Although, I have to admit, he didn’t try to come in so he must have known I would have torn him apart.

After he left, and I calmed down, Benson wanted to know why I was so angry with the mailman.  I explained about the feud my father told me about and the importance of continuing the tradition.  He sort of laughed, and said, “I have never heard of any feud, and I’m a lot older than you.”

Then I told him about the evil mailman that put me in jail.  “Now that I can understand,” he said.  “Anyone that would put you in jail for no reason must be mean, but one evil mailman doesn’t mean they’re all bad.” 

“Yes, but what about the feud?” I asked.

“I’ve never had any reason to hate a mailman,” he said, “but if you feel that strongly about it you have to follow your instincts.”

I gave that a lot of thought, because Ben was older than me.  But my experience, and my father’s warning, told me not to ever trust a mailman.  So every day I would bark and follow the mailman as he approached our house, and every day he would leave.  Ben would sometimes shake his head and walk away, but he never tried to stop me.  We respected each other.  And the mailman never got in to hurt my family.


  1. Must continue the Duffy collection for my niece. Such a sweet series!

    • Barbara

      Thanks Doreen! I’m hoping it will be on Kindle before the end of the month. I can’t seem to take the time all at once to get it uploaded, so I’ve kept postponing it. Today and tomorrow should do it.

    • Barbara

      He was a very special little dog. Thanks Lee.

  2. This made me tear up. I have plans to adopt a dog from the shelter when my 11 year old niece arrives this summer. We visited the shelter last summer, but I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t do it. My dog died a year before, and I guess I just wasn’t ready – plus I couldn’t choose! This year I think I’m up to the challenge. My niece shares my love of animals. She wants a dog so badly and her parents won’t allow it. This will be our dog. I love that you wrote it in the dog’s voice. Sweet.

    • Barbara

      There’s no love like a rescue dog Steph. Duffy was quite a character and he deserved his own book. It just came out in his voice.

  3. This is so lovely and reminds me of how we humans do the same thing… I like that Ben is there too as the voice of reason.
    Eliz 🙂

    • Barbara

      Ben was a great dog. If you read the book you get to know him. It is amazing how two dogs interact and care for each other. It’s fun to observe.

  4. Barbara

    He was adorable Peter. And very smart!

  5. I could completely see a dog talking and acting like this. Very cute story Barbara.

    • Barbara

      Thanks Bill! It’s going up on kindle very soon. Just trying to figure out how to put the pictures in the right places. It’s my first time with kindle, so it could take longer than I originally thought. lol!

  6. Hi Barbara,

    So love seeing you sharing all this fiction and that people are loving it. More of a canine memoir though and I can see this little pup being a film star too.

    • Barbara

      Hi Annabel! I hope you read some of the other fiction pieces, too. As for Duffy being a film star, I can’t imagine how difficult that could be. He would be adorable though!
      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Barbara

      Dogs and kids…perfect together Sara!

  7. Joyce

    I love it. Especially written in the dogs voice. I will have to download and read the whole thing. You are talented and definitely an avid animal lover!

    • Barbara

      Thanks Joyce! I am definitely an avid animal lover. It’s hard not to love something that is so pure of heart.

    • Barbara

      Thanks Kim! The book is now live on kindle for 99cents. All proceeds go to PAWS. I have to admit the kindle version is better than the print one because I did some serious editing. Amazing how much you learn about writing after 6 years of doing it daily.

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