The Fountain of Youth?

I had planned on getting into all the different jobs and career paths I’ve had over the years that led me to where I am right now… on the verge of SIXTY!   And we’ll get to that soon, but something happened over the weekend that made me forget about the number and I have to tell you that story today.

Dave at our wedding renewal which also brought the police to our door. What can I say...we party hard.

Very dear friends invited us and another couple we love, to their home for dinner Sat. night.  Our hostess is a fabulous chef, so we knew there would be great food, therefore we brought great wine!  There was lots of animated conversation, and plenty of robust laughter!  After dinner two of our friends broke out their guitars and wonderful music ensued!  Are you catching all the exclamation points here?? I’m telling you this was a fun little party!

We were having so much fun that someone called the cops on us.  SHOCKING!  And yet, hilarious!


Before you know it, we’re into the wee hours.  We were still talking and laughing and singing our hearts out.   And someone who apparently wasn’t enjoying our party as much as we were, called the cops.  They could’ve sent a request for a different song, if they weren’t happy with what we were singing, but noooo… they called the cops.  Spoil sport!

Now more ’grown-up’ types would’ve been embarrassed, or even humiliated… not this group of delinquents!  We were respectful of the officer who came to the door, of course.  He was very nice and apologized for having to ’shut us down’ so to speak.  But we couldn’t stop laughing!  Ok, we put the guitars away… called a cab… and laughed the entire way out the door and home!

I’d like to say this is the first time this has happened to us, but I can’t. It seems that we sometimes enjoy life a little too loudly.  We don’t make a habit of it, mind you, but sometimes when you are truly in the moment and your heart is full of Joy… Joy from being with great friends… Joy from sharing a great meal… Joy from music… and ok, a little joy from wine…;-) you just get caught up in the moment. 

Sometimes you just have to live with abandon!

I need to also mention that we are approximately 15 years older than the other couples.  I only mention it because I was lying in bed about 3am Sun. with a big grin on my face and I remembered something a wonderful friend told me over 20 years ago…

’The secret to staying young is to have friends younger than you are.’  He and his wife were about 10 years older than us when he shared that little nugget of wisdom, and we were in their hot tub drinking champagne, at the end of one of their infamous parties.

He was absolutely right!