The NRA, The FDA, and Me

I am compelled to share a post I wrote almost five years ago. It makes me sick that things have gotten worse instead of better after all this time. Way back in 2013 the kind of weapons used in Las Vegas a few days ago hadn’t yet become readily available, but the gun lovers were working on making it happen. I hope they are very proud of themselves now. 

When it comes to the safety of the citizens of this country it seems our government turns a blind eye unless they’re being paid a ton of money. If only the pharmaceutical companies could compete with the NRA in buying off congress we might all be better off. 

Mind you, I have my beefs with big pharma, too. You can read about that here.


I’m not sure I have anything new to add to the ongoing debate on gun control in this country but I’m sure I need to get this off my chest, so cover me I’m going in.

Let me begin by thanking my government for sparing me a horrible death from Seldane.

I was upset by their decision to pull Seldane off the shelves in the U.S. because it had taken me years to find an allergy medication that didn’t put me to sleep. If a product says “May cause drowsiness” I know I’ll be out like a light in no time.

My joy in finding this product was short lived. Not only did they discover it might cause arrhythmia, or other heart problems if taken with other medications, they discovered you could die if you took it with grapefruit juice.

I rarely drink grapefruit juice but occasionally I eat a grapefruit. I couldn’t believe how thoughtful it was for my government to have such high regard for my wellbeing.

Of course, we later discovered you would have to take Seldane with gallons of grapefruit juice for any harm to come to you, but you can never be too careful.

I spent quite a bit of time searching for statistics on the number of deaths or hospitalizations due to Seldane for this post because I want to ensure you get accurate information. I couldn’t find any real numbers for either.

What I can tell you is this…in my city, there were more than one hundred victims of gun violence last month alone. I found mixed statistics on how many of them died but it was at least eight.

This makes Philadelphia sound very unsafe and being a large city, that’s true in some neighborhoods, but it doesn’t keep me up at night.

What keeps me awake at night is the insanity of the zealots who recommend we wouldn’t have these issues if everyone was armed.

I was a big fan of Westerns as a kid. My grandfather never missed Gunsmoke and I usually watched with him. He loved the big shootouts in front of the saloon.

I’m pretty sure he would be more than a little disturbed to know anyone would recommend a return to the Old West in 2013. Not to mention we’re not talking about six-shooters anymore.

In fact when the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution was written a six-shooter would have been considered high tech. We were dealing with muskets and gunpowder back then.

If you believe, as they do in Pennsylvania, that deer hunting season is sacred, you also believe hunters eat their kill. That being the case you couldn’t possibly use an assault weapon. Poor little deer would be blown to shreds and not suitable for venison stew.

Yet, the NRA wants us to believe assault weapons should be legal for all. This insults my intelligence.

In case you haven’t read the Bill of Rights I will share the Second Amendment with you here:

Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

One sentence.

There’s nothing about recruiting the entire country into one ‘well regulated Militia’ is there?

I have friends who own guns. I know women who spend time alone and feel safer having a gun in the house, even though statistics lean the other way.

If you go through proper licensing regulations and pass whatever tests are necessary (if any) I’m fine with your right to bear arms, but not weapons that should only be used in the military. This has gotten way out of line and I’m sick of Congress looking away from it!

I’m not fine with anyone using our 2nd Amendment to prevent common-sense measures to keep criminals and mentally ill people away from guns.

Years after Seldane was removed from the market I found Claritin and before long we were simpatico.

It was a relief…until they discovered pseudoephedrine, the primary ingredient that keeps you from sneezing and blowing your nose until it’s raw, was being used to make methamphetamine.

I can’t imagine how many allergy pills you need to make enough crystal meth to matter but somehow I feel it’s more than my monthly needs…and yours…and yours…and yours….

BUT, because some may be cooking meth I can only buy a thirty day supply and I have to show ID or I can’t have it. Where’s the Amendment for that law?

Why does the NRA feel any regulation is an infringement of their right to have guns? Why should someone taking allergy medication be subjected to more scrutiny than someone buying an assault weapon?

I believe there are more civilized people in the U.S.A. than gun fanatics. But we need to be more vocal and demanding. If you are a sane and civilized person you can’t possibly have an argument against background checks NO MATTER where you purchase a gun.

You can’t possibly have a need for an automatic or semi-automatic weapon and high capacity clips to protect yourself. Leave those to the military who are trained to protect us.

No one wants to deny a law abiding citizen their right to bear arms. We just want them to have the same restrictions as allergy sufferers.

Feel free to speak your mind in the comments, we all need to discuss this! And, Please, support measures being put forth for common sense gun regulations.





  1. Kristen

    It’s making me insane that the pro-gun crowd are flipping out that guns will be banned, or that all of the criminals will remain armed while only “good guys” will lose them. All of the proposals I have seen apply common sense regulations and help to reduce the chances that some crazy person will take as machine gun into a crowd.

    I’d be cool with a ban 🙂 but some rational regulation is absolutely necessary.

    Thanks for boldly going there!

    • Barbara

      I had to. It’s so ridiculous in context.
      Thanks for commenting Kris.

  2. Hear hear! Every time I listen to Gun Control opponents, I hear the same rhetoric about making sure we are “armed against tyrannical leaders.” Are they serious? We live in a democracy with checks and balances and the idea that our government will terrorize us makes no sense. No, we don’t need assault weapons to protect us from… fill in the blank. Enough already and let’s get some sensible laws in the books. I’m with you Barb. 🙂

    • Barbara

      I may be just a sap but I believe we may actually see real change this time Elizabeth. I am praying for that.

  3. It’s not really right for me to comment on the internal political argumants of another country but hang all that. I just agree with you too much to shut up.

    • Barbara

      You have every right to speak on this issue Peter. Why would people want to visit the country that has the highest gun violence rate in the free world?? I’m praying it’s turning around.

  4. I’d like to place these fanatics on a very large iceberg and let them float away until the global warming (which most of these bozos deny) melts them into the sea, so they can be swallowed up by a very hungry polar bear.

    Is that too much to ask?

    The ME in the madness.

    • Barbara

      Love your idea Lee! Might be too humane for some, but I like it.

  5. I’ve been on two medications now that have been in class action lawsuits. It’s weird when something just works.

    • Barbara

      I think the FDA is as renegade as the NRA Sara. They truly need to be reined in and held accountable for how much they are responsible for our health care costs.

  6. I’m beginning to wonder if there really are more civilized people than gun fanatics. The fanatics, as usual, get more air time. I think all guns should be taken away – every last one of them. I’m so sick of the NRA and their members taking the 2nd amendment so far out of context it is unrecognizable. I grew up in PA and my father was a hunter, and we ate the pheasants and the deer he brought home (yuck – never acquired a taste for ‘game’)but these gun fanatics go so far beyond what is reasonable it causes me to rant in comments. I apologize for the rant. The upside is we’re at long last talking about it. It took 20 executed kids to broach the subject. That is reprehensible. This issue needs to remain in focus until changes are made. I’m so glad you wrote this!

    • Barbara

      You are welcome to rant here any time you please Steph! If there were ever a reason to rant it’s this one, in my humble opinion. I do believe we may be on the right side of this finally and we have to keep pushing and pushing to keep it on the front burner.
      Thanks for the rant!

  7. Excellent analogies here Barbara…thank you for being a voice of reason! You know I agree 🙂

    • Barbara

      This post worked on me for days Karen. Some things I feel need to be said but I want to make them as accurate as possible. Most importantly I just want this debate to remain at the top of our to-do list as a nation.

  8. OMgosh,
    I LOVE Lee’s comment.

    I am SO sick of these idiots who assume the second ammendment means we can walk around with assult weapons, tanks, and bazookas. Fuc%#ing fools.

    • Barbara

      Kim, if we lived close by we would so be real live friends!

  9. Right after the shooting at a community college in Texas comes the story that the Lone Star State is about to pass a law making it legal to carry concealed weapons on a college campus.

    The belief that more guns in more hands will make us safer is just so insanely stupid I keep expecting someone to shout “Candid Camera.” Anyone with even one working brain cell couldn’t possibly believe such garbage.

    The folks with tin foil hats and Area 51 alien theories are more in touch with reality.

    • Barbara

      What are you trying to say Bob? LOL! I couldn’t agree with you more. Even the tin foil hats and Area 51 reference…dead on!

  10. Well, Barbara, cover me because I am going in too! You are so right…why all the hullabaloo over cold meds and a fear to do anything about assault weapons? Really, it is just nuts. But, I think, that just goes to show you how much power the NRA exerts over our politicians. I think that if we followed the money trail it would all lead back to the manufacturers of guns. But who knows.

    I have finally come to the place that leads me to question why the NRA doesn’t do more to educate the public. I have never seen a public service ad that told people to lock up weapons and that most deaths with guns in the home are caused by the gun owned by the home owners. If there is a more practical solution that does not threaten the fragile egos of the gun owners, we are never going to see the problem go away….ever.

    I have more to say but not now. Thank you for this post. We need a billion more just like it!


    I will tweet this up.

    • Barbara

      Thanks for ranting along with me! and thanks for the tweet. I signed up for your blog and tried to leave a comment but couldn’t get past the capcha. sorry.

  11. Beth

    From the stats I read, a very small number of people in this country own the great proportion of guns. Then I watched a video of a man loading a musket, the type of gun that the second amendment initially approved of. It took about 2 minutes. Now we allow hundreds of people to be killed or maimed because of the NRA? We are crazy people in this country. I definitely support sensible measures. SILENCERS are not sensible. Those people would not have heard what was raining down on them. But of course, he should not have had all that weaponry in the first place. IT’S UNCONSCIONABLE.

    • Barbara

      I agree completely, Beth. Now they plan to ban the piece that makes it shoot like a machine gun, which will do nothing other than making Congress feel all warm and fuzzy that they finally did something ‘anti-NRA. They disgust me!

  12. Tam Warner Minton


  13. Laurie

    YES!!!!! I could not agree more

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