The Nuclear Football a Party Favor?


It has been two weeks since my last post here on the blog. I apologize for slacking but, I’ve been a little depressed and empty of words that make sense or, at least seem to have meaning.


Registry Room at Ellis Island


I had intended to keep the politics off this site and use HuffPost for all of that but, I know many of you are political junkies like me and share the same views. I’m sure those who don’t have left this cyberspace a while back. That’s fine with me!

I feel bad for anyone who has ties to drumpf fans and can’t delete them. I’ve either deleted them or they’ve deleted me and I am totally cool with that. If you were ever on the fence you only had to watch his press conference last week.

I turned the TV on to watch Colbert, who we DVR, and BOOM! There he was, yelling at the people upholding our 1st amendment rights. I froze in place, unable to turn away. It was the craziest display of hate and vitriol ever imagined and it wasn’t coming from the press it was being spewed upon them.

It is beyond my comprehension how anyone with a conscience can support this ignorant man. He can’t read, that’s been discussed on so many platforms. Perhaps he has dyslexia, there’s no shame in that unless you get to seventy years old and are the President of the United States of America and haven’t taken steps to fix the problem.

As an American, I am embarrassed every time he opens his mouth.

Then there’s the incredible amount of money he is costing us. All of us in this country. If he’s half as rich as he claims why isn’t he footing the bill for keeping Melania in the tower? I understand why she doesn’t want to be with him, I won’t be the least bit surprised if they get divorced before he’s done.

He treats her like shit. Such the big lumbering oaf who won’t even open a car door for her. Run Melania! Run! He is so not worth it!

Oh, wouldn’t that be a juicy memoir!

So, he berates our free press, then announces he’s having a campaign rally over the weekend. Didn’t he just win the campaign? The inauguration was only a month ago! Who can forget that? OMG, the crowds!!! And the sun broke through and shined on his stylish orange combover while others were being rained on! How could we ever forget?!

I guess we were concerned about the massacre in Bowling Green. So much mayhem in the world we weren’t aware of before he came into our lives! And now, Sweden!! Who could have ever imagined that??

So, back to my question about how anyone can support this fool…

It is difficult to realize you know people, maybe are even related to some, that believe he is doing a good job. That aren’t the least bit concerned that the rest of the World is laughing at us. Not even behind our backs.

He’s made the nuclear football a party favor for Christ sake! I think he should be arrested for that alone!

I was never a fan of G.W. Bush. He continues to show us his childish nature whenever he’s in public. We can never forget the Twin Towers and I don’t understand how drumpf’s fans can’t see that his temperament is more dangerous than W ever was. He’s openly said he loves war and, if you were paying attention, he did not ban immigrants and refugees from countries where he has real estate holdings even though they are the countries the terrorists responsible for the Twin Towers came from!

I know Republicans are considered hawkish and Democrats doves but, it would be wonderful if, in this crazy world of nuclear weapons, we could all try to act like adults and behave in a sane manner.

Please share your thoughts in the comments. And, here’s my latest HuffPo piece.


  1. Debbie G

    Barbara, I love your honesty and ‘straight-forwardness’. As a Canadian, who loved visiting the USA, (but, quite honestly not sure what to expect on our next visit) I feel your pain and embarrassment caused by your new POTUS, et al.
    However, this has made me even more proud of Canada and our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who, BTW, continues to amaze me with his political grace and statesmanship even faced with the current state of our closest neighbour and friend.
    Canadians have never been ‘flag wavers’ or ‘hand on our heart’ patriots as our southern neighbour, but we still understand the love of a country, even more so now.
    I sincerely wish you well.

    • Barbara

      Oh, Debbie, what I would give to trade places with you, politically! Trudeau put him in his place like none other during his visit last week. It was wonderful to see! Keep him safe!

  2. Adela

    I’m with you. I am formulating an open letter to our President in the wee hours of the morning, when I cannot sleep. I wish he was just a dope. My fear is that he is much more sinister.

    I have friends and family who voted for Trump. I have come to understand their reasoning. Still, can’t bring myself to agree with their reasoning on any level. When I’m not feeling angry about it, I’m feeling sad.

    • Barbara

      I understand, Adela. My husband has some golf buddies who are on the wrong side of History and his sister and brother in law are, too. I’ve voted for Republicans and Independents in my life, I never understood blanket party voting. Both sides have their own fools so voting party seems silly to me. I vote for the people I feel best represent my views and, we all think our views are correct.

  3. Haralee

    I hear you! It is astounding Every. Day.

    • Barbara

      It really is, Haralee!

  4. Roxanne Jones

    Thanks for giving voice to what so many of us are thinking and feeling. Some days I really feel as if I have outrage fatigue; it’s just one ridiculous thing after another with the Orange One. I appreciate that you keep it up!

    • Barbara

      Well, I had to take about a week off before I wrote this post, Roxanne, but when every day is a circus you have to stay vigilant!

  5. Lee Sequeira

    Lordy, I never thought I’d actually WANT W back !! I feel your pain, AND I happen to have a few Trumpers (Trumpanzees) in the family, but I just try to feed them bananas and read them alternative facts to keep them happy (snark snark).

    I will still keep the hope that he’ll be impeaches soon enough – we all have to keep the faith, and concentrate on what we enjoy in life every day and keep on marching! 🙂

    • Barbara

      Marching. scary thought. But, I get what you’re saying, Lee. I have always believed good trumps evil!

  6. Bob Lowry

    A few weeks ago i started a new Twitter account, purely to comment on and leave snarky comments about the Tweeter-in-Chief. I had become so angry that I was spending hours a day reading everything I could about the destruction of our institutions and Constitution and then tweeting about it.

    Finally, last night, I realized that approach was doing me more harm than good. I was spending all my energy focusing on the bad stuff. I was ranting for no productive purpose. So, I deactivated the account. I must give him the same consideration he is giving me: none.

    I am Trump done.

    • Barbara

      I totally get what you’re saying, Bob. It’s like a train wreck and you can’t look away but, we must. It is tearing my guts out. Beautiful spring weather in February here and I need to get out and smell the salt air, clear my head and pray for sanity in the world!

  7. Pia

    We began this road to not the America I want—well probably In our parents day but in earnest when the beloved Reagan ignored the AIDS epidemic but sure loved trickling down.
    Then during Bill’s admin, Newt swept the house, and we did away with many basic civil liberties for the poor—most of us were so busy making money we hardly or didn’t notice. Then came the absurd impeachment which
    Ch only showed what a prudish country lacking in real values we are.
    I thought nobody could be worse than W. I was so wrong. But I can never forgive W for not reading the 08/06/2001 memo which laid out what would happen the next month. I’m always shocked that so few people knew about it. Oh I forgot the after election. What I’m saying is that we should have been more watchful.
    I have a lot of problems with the whole “isn’t it wonderful, we care about current events” mentality. Some of have been screaming about all this from the rafters for two decades. it’s beyond sad that it took this to wake so many people up. I’m not saying I’m better than….but damn how could people have been asleep during W’s admin?

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