The Women’s March, an International Statement!


All hail the Women’s Marches all over the world! If anyone doubted this was a movement they underestimated us BIGLY. It was awe inspiring! I was thrilled to be a part of this movement with my husband by my side.

Dave with our sign.

We left home at 8 am and got to Philly at 9:30 am. We were able to park in our church parking lot, which was a blessing. No pun intended. It was a straight walk up to Market St. to get the T and head to where the action was taking place.

The trains were jammed! So many pink pussy hats and signs everywhere you could feel the energy in the air. I had made my own sign and added the names of many friends who were unable to attend a March/ Rally for whatever reasons and I felt their presence with us all day.


We had talked about going to Washington, when the event was in the planning stages, but I knew that would be uncomfortable for me. I went with a friend of mine to The Rally to Restore Sanity, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s amazing gathering on the Mall in Washington D.C. in 2010. If you weren’t there here’s a clip of Stewart’s closing. I loved it.

There were approximately 215,000 people there on the Mall. It was a beautiful late October day and everyone was in good spirits but, the crowd overwhelmed me. I lost sight of my friend and had to move to the outer edges because I was having trouble breathing.

After a while I decided to find a bar with a TV so I could watch it and breath. I found a pedi-cab with a nice guy peddling who recommended a place nearby. He dropped me at the door to the restaurant/bar he’d suggested and I went in.

I found a seat at the corner of the bar near the TV. A nice couple sat next to me who were from Oklahoma. They were there for the college football game but, wanted to catch what they could of the Rally. Soon we discovered we were on the same page with what the rally was all about. It was comforting.

When I left I had no idea where the hell I was and had to get back to the bus to get home. If you’ve ever been to Washington D.C. you know it is beyond difficult to maneuver. So many streets named the same but with NE or SW, to define them to those who are familiar or have a compass. Somehow I made it to the bus. Whew! As soon as I sat down my friend Isabelle got on and we laughed. A lot!

So, going to D.C. for the March was not going to work for me. Fortunately the March became a global event and I was so happy to be in my favorite city, Philadelphia.

We weren’t sure how large the crowds would be but, we knew how to get around. Even if it was 90% on foot. I believe we walked about five or six miles on Saturday. I was so excited to see all the people and the amazing signs we all carried walking in unison with a common cause.


I loved that the crowd was at least 35/40% men and there were plenty of children, too. From infants to school age carrying signs and sharing an amazing moment in History with their parents.

We couldn’t get close enough to the stage to really hear so we made our way back toward our car, on foot and by bus. Stopped at our old neighborhood haunt, Bridget Foy’s, for a bite before making it back to our car and home again.

We were exhausted when we got home, but it was a good kinda tired!

After watching the news and the poor excuse for a ‘news conference’ by drumpf’s newest press secretary it was quite clear we had all made an important impact.

I expect to see more of this going forward. Clearly we have to stay on top of what this administration does every moment. They are the ones living in an alternate reality, not us. But, our unity and zealous demand for truth and accountability will see us through.

One more thing. Real news is not going away. The sources I rely on are The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Post, NY Times, Vox, NPR, and of course, Dan Rather, to name a few. All of these are available digitally which saves trees!

Did you march? Do you have a favorite source for real news? Please share!



  1. Adela

    I marched in Chicagoeith my granddaughter. It was so positive and uplifting. I’m checking the same news sources, plus FOX and Moody, so I can avoid being in a silo. Also verifying with and
    I am committed to a twitter shoutout of #gaslighting when I “hear” alternate facts

    • Barbara

      You ROCK, Adela!

  2. Beth Teliho

    Wonderful! Thanks for taking me with you (or my name;). So proud of everyone who marched! Well done!

    • Barbara

      My pleasure, Beth!

  3. pia

    It’s strange. I hate crowds but when it comes to marches and rallies I love them. I went to the Jon Stewart one with a group of friends—we made it into a mini mini vacation as we were meeting from all over. Everyone at the hotel was there for it. I got lost but never care about that.
    Thanks again for carrying my name! The energy from all the marches seems amazing.

    • Barbara

      The Rally for Sanity was fun, even though I was watching it on a TV about 3 blocks from the event. I hate getting lost! But, the march was wonderful!! It’s funny, I put my phone and my wallet in my coat pockets so I wouldn’t worry about someone grabbing my purse, but there was no need. We were all there as one. It was an amazing feeling.

  4. Roxanne Jones

    I marched in Portland, Maine, where we had a crowd estimated at 10,000 (in a city of 63,000!). Such an important first step–and amazing affirmation that we stand together. Thanks for sharing your experience, Barbara.

    • Barbara

      It really was affirming, wasn’t it Roxanne? The love and determination in the incredible groups across the globe were so inspiring. I do believe, we shall overcome!

  5. Rebecca Olkowski

    So glad you were there. It’s not as easy for our 60 year old selves as it was when we were fighting in the 70’s but we can do it!

    • Barbara

      With age comes wisdom but, not quite as much stamina as before, Rebecca! The energy comes from determination and love for the country we truly are!

  6. Lee Sequeira

    I love the beautiful sign Dave is holding – such a positive message! I was planning to go Saturday afternoon, but the hubby had to go without me, because I was down and out on the couch with a HUUUUGE headache (must have been from listening to the orange monster the day before…I guess curiosity killed the cat). I watched and cheered (and looked for my sisters in law in DC) and came up with a few designs for our new line of inspirational tees for women — with proceeds going to organizations like Planned Parenthood 🙂
    Keep on Marchin!

    • Barbara

      Tell me more about the T’s, Lee! That’s a great idea. Hope your headache went away quickly.

      • Lee Sequeira

        I will 😉 we are working on them now – slogans like Equality – Love – Kindness – Sisterhood, etc. but with a NEW & exciting slant — some in BLING, some in ink!

        We’re stoked about this new project – and giving back to orgs like PP!!

        Hey, maybe we can send you one for a mention in your blog 😉

      • Lee Sequeira

        and —

        and a really cool “we the people” shirt!

      • Barbara

        I’m in Lee! I would LOVE the EMPOWERMENT T! I will gladly promote them for you!!!

  7. Kathy @ SMART Living 365

    Good for you Barbara! Thom and I were also in San Diego with about 40,000 of our new friends. It was AMAZING. Like you said, it was so peaceful and kind and inspiring. The news sources that are trying to downplay it won’t work. Those of us who were there know how powerful it was and we know it is just the beginning. ~Kathy

    • Barbara

      I’m loving all the photos from around the WORLD, Kathy! It is quite clearly, a movement!

  8. Janis

    My husband and I marched in San Diego… what an amazing experience! We hope that it’s just the beginning of many demonstrations of strength and unity. It’s hard these days to find quality new sources these day. NPR and the NY Times are our go-to sources.

    • Barbara

      Going forward we can now see how important this movement is, Janis. I don’t see it slacking off any time soon! Thank God for that!

  9. My Inner Chick

    Dear, b,
    thank you for placing my name on your sign!
    I marched in Duluth, too.
    It was peaceful, empowering, & felt good having a voice for the voiceless.
    No matter what we believe, I hope we can listen and respect one another.
    ….Although, sadly, I’m not observing that.

    xx from Duluth.

    • Barbara

      It was such a good kinda tired, wasn’t it Kim?!

  10. Joy

    You are a hero! Thank you for making your voice heard and for this sacrifice, Barbara! I’m glad you were / are safe and that you found yourself with like-minded citizens. Our fight continues. xoxo

    • Barbara

      It was a pleasure having all of you with me in spirit, Joy!

  11. Joy

    p.s. I just noticed that on the second picture, the Philippines flag is captured, first one left. Cool! Thanks again, Barbara! :-)))

  12. Rena

    I wanted to go so bad, but couldn’t find anyone to stay with my mom. I watched it on the news and cheered every on from home.

    • Barbara

      I’m sure you were with us in spirit, Rena. I’m also sure there will be many more opportunities based on what’s still going on!

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