To Oprah…or not to Oprah? That is the Question


It is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s holiday today and Nicholas Kristoff, of the NYTimes, shared Dr. King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail. It’s an iconic work that I hadn’t read in many years. I hope you can find the time to give it a read today.

We’ve come so far in our society since the sixties but, with the current administration, we are taking many steps backward. It would behoove the President to read all of Dr. King’s words but, particularly this letter. Unfortunately, we all know he doesn’t ‘read.’ How sad is that?

In honor of Dr. King’s holiday, the President is playing golf at his resort in Florida. Unlike every other president who has volunteered on this day of service, drumpf thinks it’s beneath him.


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There’s been a lot of chatter about Oprah possibly running in 2020, even though she claims she is not. I’ve already said I don’t believe it’s a good idea but, maybe it could be. A friend shared an article on Facebook about all the pseudo-doctors and experts she’s brought to light over the years and their wild theories.

I was a huge fan of Oprah through the ‘90’s but, didn’t watch her show much toward the end. I have to confess; I read The Secret and thought it made sense, initially. Then, like so many other ‘movements’ or ‘fads’ it kind of blew itself up. I initially thought Dr. Oz was legit, I like Dr. Phil, but don’t watch either of their shows, and I was not aware Oprah had supported Jenny McCarthy’s anti-vax movement but, I certainly did not.

I think giving the doctors their own shows created a need to stretch their ‘theories and practices’ in order to keep the shows going. It ultimately didn’t show the best of either one.

The things Oprah brought out that moved me and changed my life in some ways were people like Sarah Ban Breathnach and her Simple Abundance books. Gary Zukav’s book, Seat of the Soul, moved me deeply. I’m not a religious person, but I am a spiritual person.

It took Oprah and her guests to teach me the difference between religion and spirituality. If you’ve read much of this blog you know, I was turned off by religion at a very early age. Learning the difference between the two was life-altering, for me.

Oprah also introduced me to Marianne Williamson and the Course in Miracles. They discussed it on her show in 1992, and it prompted me to get her books. She also connected with Eckart Tolle, and I like him very much.

The fact that Oprah has shared her own spiritual journey with the world is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of, in my opinion. She has been generous with her insights and her money. Her school for girls in Africa is proof enough of her desire for education and equality. Can you name ONE politician that could stand up to her philanthropy and generosity? I can’t.

I said recently that it might be best for her to be Vice President in 2020, just to get her feet wet in the political arena, but I can’t imagine who would be the head of the ticket. She’s a leader, not a follower.

Still, I’m not going to say I support her running for office at this time. First, we have to get through impeachment and see if Pence goes down, too. Then see how the mid-term elections shake out.

Personally, I see a sea of blue heading to D.C. early next year, and I hope it won’t be too late to undo the damage done in this first year of our huuugest debacle.

What do you think?


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  1. Beth

    Your journey with Oprah is very similar to mine. I admire her smarts, her courage, and many of the people she has promoted deserved the attention. Some did not. And she hurt the feelings of some who had to go on her show and apologize. That’s too much power. I don’t want Oprah for POTUS. Done that with Trump. The attention that people in TV garner brings a wide spectrum of opinion that doesn’t always help our democracy. Great post.

    • Barbara

      It’s a fine line, for sure, Beth. I would love to see a forty-something woman who’s been involved in her community and local politics that has widespread respect come out of the gate with some charisma and a sensible plan to bring our country back together. No idea who that might be but, wouldn’t it be great?

  2. Lee Romano Sequeira

    I think a run for CONGRESS would be a great start – and we”ll make her rhinestone BLING tees for her campaign! 🙂

    • Barbara

      Who could resist that, Lee??

  3. Mary

    I don’t think she’d win though she’d be a zillion times better than Trump. The country is too racist and misogynistic for her to succeed. I never realized the depth of racism that still exists in this country. I didn’t get that from Trump himself, but from all his died hard frothing at the mouth followers. It sickens me.

    • Barbara

      Racism has always sickened me, Mary. I grew up in some ghetto neighborhoods back in the 50’s and went to nothing but integrated schools as a child/teen. If there’s one thing I’m grateful for from my childhood it’s that. Fear of the unknown is a killer.

  4. hillsmom

    When I first heard Oprah’s name mentioned as a possible candidate for POTUS, I said…”No way! enough with the celebrity folks…just look what’s been foisted on us now. But there’s more than one thing to consider. She’s smart, and not greedy. She’s managed a successful corporation, and she’s smart enough to surround herself with intelligent people. So, while I still don’t know…maybe she is someone to consider. How about Elizabeth Warren? Too liberal? But she’s experienced and truly loves the USA. Keep an eye on the garbage which will be starting to spew forth from the Kochs and the Mercers. Aren’t we lucky to have Citizens United…NOT.

    • Barbara

      We’ll just have to wait and see. I’m not a big fan of Warren’s or Bernie’s. She’s kind of polarizing and he’s simply too old, in my opinion. But, I’m loving how Congress is becoming bluer by the day!

  5. Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

    I love Oprah but am not a fan of her being President. For one thing, she’ll be immediately attacked. She does so much good, being Oprah, I would hate to see being chained to the political arena and having to deal with all its sharks and wolves. Celebrities with no experience in government have no business in the office of President. At least Arnold was governor of California and cares about climate change but is Austrian so he doesn’t qualify. I didn’t agree with everything he did and am not a Republican but I’d take him over our cheeseball sleazeball any day.

    • Barbara

      I know how you feel, Rebecca. It’s time for a true brainiac with a solid government bent.

  6. Rena

    I would love to see a Biden/Winfey ticket. I think they could do a lot together. It will take a whole army to undo the damage that the idiot has caused. I also was turned off of religion very young, but my spirituality is something that I never take for granted.

    • Barbara

      I know what you mean about spirituality, Rena. As far as Biden…as much as I LOVE him, I don’t want another ‘old white man’ in the Whitehouse. We need new blood!

  7. Madeline

    May be too late to stem the tide of distrust throughout the world..after all,America elected an idiot.We could do it again. It has impacted so much of the global economy and cooperative efforts needed to make this planet a safe and happier place (climate change,etc.) Frankly I don’t think America will ever be held in high esteem again, in my lifetime.

    Oprah– I dunno. Love her.Love her efforts. Politics? We don’t need another inexperienced entertainment figure in the white house (IMHO.) Foreign policy experience is sooooo important in these times!!

    • Barbara

      I disagree, Madeline. The economy is the only thing they’ve not destroyed and that’s what makes the Republicans and our idiot in chief happy. It’s about money not people, safety, education, environment. Nope. Just $$$.
      You’re right that foreign policy is extremely important and there will be people who can do that but, not in this Whitehouse. I’m not ready to give up, yet.