When You Smell Something, Say or Do Something.


It’s been nine days since my last post. I have gone from the fire in my belly over the election into a semi-depression that came with a cold. Sometimes a cold is the universe’s way of telling you to slow down and rest. I think there’s some truth to that.

A constant state of tension and anger is never good for the long haul but, sometimes it’s a reality. Slowing down gives time and space to collect yourself and find the path that makes the most sense to survive what’s coming.



I’m holding onto some hope for December 19th and for the recounts being done now. It would be the greatest Christmas Miracle of all! In fact, I think drumpf would be relieved, too. He never expected this to happen and he’s said as much. He only wants attention, not responsibility. His cabinet picks are giving many of us nightmares and rightly so.

One of the things that bothers me most is the (‘ahem’) shock from some of those who voted for him. Some are upset that he’s not really going to be able to bring back all those industrial jobs in the Rust Belt. Others find it ‘horrifying’ when they hear about white kids practicing racist chants.

What the fuck did you expect?

I know, I’ve heard the empty beliefs about him having a good heart and being such a good business man he will be bringing so much back to all those who drank the Kool-Aid and voted for him. He won’t. He’s already stacking his cabinet with the Wall Street elite, and Generals…lots of Generals.

What is a narcissists strongest trait? And, you thought he cared about YOU?

I feel bad for his wife and ten-year-old and agree it’s in the child’s best interest to finish out the school year where he is but, I feel worse for NYC and the cost that comes with that decision. The cost we will all pay for.

But, it’s all about the orange buffoon so, tough tooties for the rest of us.

If you haven’t read his ‘on the record’ interview with the NY Times, I’m leaving this link for you.


His vocabulary and attention span finished growing in sixth grade. It’s pathetic. And, what’s even worse is his sixth-grade obsession with twitter. SAD!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we have survived some less than stellar presidents in my lifetime and long before that. I find strength in knowing the majority of us are on the right side of History here and will hold his tiny fingers to the fire.

Keep in mind, there are more threats to our democracy from the white supremacists, misogynists, and xenophobes than you might think. All of those who have been stoking the fire for years are now out and proud. But, we still have a majority. The sane majority, I like to call it, to stop the Breitbart’s and Limbaugh’s of this ugly underbelly.

As Jon Stewart said on his last show, “When you smell something, say something.”

Let that be our motto going forward.




  1. Debbie G

    You are very generous with the ‘6th grade’ graduation status! The president-elect would be so proud adding this to his resume, I am sure, but being such an honest guy, he will likely stick with the 4th grade diploma he earned (likely with the help of many tutors).
    Love your blog.

    • Barbara

      You made me laugh, Debbie! You’re probably right, tho. Glad you love the blog. I love having you here!

  2. Roxanne Jones

    I wasn’t able to get all the way through the NYT transcript of that session with DJT; I simply couldn’t stomach it. These are truly strange times we’re living in–and it all stinks to high heaven. Must be the swamp draining–NOT! Thanks for giving voice to what so many of us are thinking and feeling, Barbara!

    • Barbara

      I know, Roxanne, that transcript is LOOONNNGGG. But it speaks volumes to his level of intelligence and lack of comprehension and vocabulary. I don’t think I could have kept a straight face in that room.
      I’ll be over here praying for a miracle on 12/19.

  3. Alana

    It’s interesting that some “experts” are recommending a low profile in our blogs and in our social media posts. And this is where the fear really begins. There is software out there that can monitor for keywords (it already exists – some industries use it to gauge customer satisfaction, for example) and this is where paranoia begins – or does it? At least we midlife women come from a time from before the Internet. We may need to use that knowledge to communicate with each other. Let’s hope not.

    • Barbara

      Alana, I am beholding to no one on this blog but me. I would love to get sponsors and ads to make a buck here and there, but only if they have no control over what I say and post. Free speech is more important to me than money.

  4. Joy

    Like you, I’ve found out extremely difficult to write and focus on my creative side. I also still have a bad cold. But one line from your post sums it up so eloquently:
    “What the fuck did you expect?”
    Haha! Thanks for this Barbara!

    • Barbara

      You are very welcome, Joy!

  5. Bob Lowry

    I am developing a new blog that will focus on everything Trump and his supporters are against: love for our neighbors and support for diversity.

    I can’t surrender to the evil any more by doing nothing but wallow in depression. I must contribute to what is good about us and the world we inhabit.

    Concerning Trump and his little mind, this too shall pass.

    • Barbara

      I think that’s a great idea, Bob. We need to focus on the good and continue to hold people accountable.

    • Linda P.

      I like that idea, too, Bob.

  6. pia

    6th grade? You are too nice.

    I know I harp on them staying in NY but the costs to New York–aside from the million dollar a day protection NY has to pay boggles this mind. And shows how he thinks.

    Glad you’re feeling better : 0

    • Barbara

      I agree, Pia. This should come out of his pocket. There have been many children uprooted to the White House who thought it was a wonderful thing. It should be considered a History lesson very few have the privilege to experience.
      Thanks for the vote of confidence that this ugly cold is soon to end!

  7. MerCyn

    Well stated, but I have no hope that a recount will change the outcome. We have to suffer through at least four years of buffoon leadership. Meanwhile we must work hard to elect more Democrats in two years and a new President in four.

    • Barbara

      You’re right, MerCyn, what happens in 2 years is critical to moving back in the right direction. Hopefully, they don’t get much done between now and then.

  8. Terri

    Wow! Did you just say everything I have thought and discussed with only one other person? Thank you for saying it!

    • Barbara

      I have to let it out or I will explode, Terri. Glad it helped you!

  9. Still the Lucky Few

    Great post. I’ve been struggling with anger and fear ever since the election as well. I’ve read about it, listened to news about it, talked about it, and blogged about it. I’ve eased off a bit because I’m just so tied of it. I’m waiting for the fools who voted for him to wake up and realize what they have done. Given their level of awareness, that might take some time!

    • Barbara

      I know how you feel! They are still supporting him even after he put us in jeopardy with China, for God’s sake! There should be a IQ test for this job!

  10. Laura Lee Carter

    I am shocked to see how much we think alike! Great honest post!
    “Freedom of the press is only available to those who own one.” And now, we do!

    • Barbara

      I’m concerned about our freedoms if this charade makes it to the White House, Laura. Hoping for some kind of miracle next Monday!

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