Who’s Running This Circus?


I’m beginning to feel we’re living in a three ring circus. One ring is cruel to animals, another testing the limits of human flexibility and, of course, the ring full of clowns.

This is not Barnum and Bailey, it’s our government. Talk about ‘SAD’.




The orange clown only cares about ‘winning’ but, he hasn’t been doing it much lately. When plan A goes down the toilet let’s try plan B and, whatever you do, don’t put my name on it!

I don’t know about you but, when I first heard of ‘The Freedom Caucus’, I thought they were the ones leaning slightly left. HA! They are anything but. I think the name refers to their want to be free of citizens who may need some help from the government.

They want to pare down this bare bones healthcare bill to the point of it being, essentially, non-existent. This from the Goldman-Sachs crowd who, like the orange clown, never had to worry about paying for healthcare in their lives. I do wish they’d given some consideration to seeking mental health care, though.

The moderate R’s are gaining some respect from their constituents for having the sense to listen to those they represent and vote against this disastrous bill.

I have to say, our Congressman, Frank LoBiondo, has not only listened to us, he actually responds to us on Facebook and e-mail. He is a Republican and we may not agree on much but, he is paying attention. I respect that.

It amuses me, slightly, that Ryan doesn’t want his name on this bill and neither does anyone in the White House. It’s like they know it’s poison and will haunt them forever. What a legacy!

In the meantime, if they had simply tweaked the ACA instead of being hell bent on erasing it and treating it like a scorched earth policy because, *Obama*, we’d be on the right track. One-third of the people who voted for the orange clown did not realize the ACA and Obamacare are the same thing anyway!

I hope they all go down in 2018. That’s what is causing the panic you know, the ones who will be up for re-election don’t want anything to do with this issue. They sat on the sidelines demeaning Obamacare and wasted seven years doing nothing to come up with a workable replacement but, now they’re in the corner.

After all, as our ‘fearful leader’ asked, “Who knew health care could be this complicated?” Apparently, everyone but him and the R’s in congress.

After years of governing by obstruction, they have the nerve to expect everything they throw out there to be accepted ASAP and voted into law no questions asked. Payback is a bitch!

More importantly, responsible healthcare is a necessity. If they can’t find common ground and work for the people, not the donors who bought them, their constituents who believed their rhetoric about working for the common good, they need to be FIRED!

As 2018 looms we will see if they’ve learned anything.


Tell me how you feel about this in the comments.





  1. cheryl

    ‘Who’s Running This Circus?’ You nailed it with that title.

    • Barbara

      Sad, isn’t it?

  2. JanBo

    Looking forward to another year of watching ObamaCare. My brother will need a loan for his deductibles this year. That is what was what you desired, correct?

    • Barbara

      He would be in worse financial shape if this insane bill had gone through. I’m not sure there is a perfect bill, but I’m sure this one would not have been better. I don’t understand why other countries find a way toward Universal Health Care that works and we can’t, but before the ACA, it was much worse.

      • JanBo

        We’ll never know. It is all ACA for the next few years.

  3. Donna

    This was a terrible bill, I am glad it didn’t even go to vote. Unfortunately no one wants to fix the one in place which is becoming increasingly expensive and hard to use. The bright spot to me is republicans don’t seem to rubber stamp things. I love to hear of people disagreeing and insisting on better rather than passing something before anyone reads it. It’s sad nothing gets done in Washington, but the less they do might be better

  4. Mary

    A fair tax for everyone depending on their income level would allow low cost insurance for ALL (single payer) if the taxes weren’t diverted to unnecessary wars and breaks to already rich corporations. It’ll never happen here because of greed. We could have a lot of sane laws, like some reasonable gun control, if it weren’t for the super rich lobbies that buy up our congressmen like candy.

    • Barbara

      I completely agree, Mary. And if it weren’t for the weak congressmen sucking up to the rich they might start working for their constituents!

  5. nora

    Sad but true. I’m thrilled the bill has been killed, but something still concerns me. The conservatives would not vote for it because it wasn’t conservative enough. Ae they even thinking?

    • Barbara

      They’re only thinking about their wallets, Nora. It’s really sad!

  6. pia

    Blame it on Obama and the ACA. It’s so damn easy.
    The insurance companies that raised the premiums, the deductibles, and the copays–nothing to do with it. Harmless. Had to do it. You believe that and I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.
    Does anybody ask to see their taxes? Their P&L’s; financial histories etc. Well no because they’d just be lies anyway covered by reports that let them get away with shit, pardon my language. But we do know what their CEO’s make. Sad. No, tragic.

    Remember when the AMA was on a par with the NRA in being hated by many? Now they were against his bill because duh that bill was incomprehensible.

    What a country. That people still defend him is perhaps the saddest part of this all.

    • Barbara

      It is very sad, Pia. Thanks for contributing!

  7. beth gagnon

    again, i’m pretty sure we were separated at birth….thanks for saying all this out loud….at this point, i’m afraid to HAVE an opinion in public….talk about SAD…..keep writing,sis

    • Barbara

      I just have a big mouth, Beth. No one ever accused me of holding back. I’m happy to speak out for those who feel they cannot.

  8. Hope

    Could not agree more. We have a card carrying Freedom Caucus Congressman (Justin Amash) here and he is against anything that costs money. That said, at least he helped kill this awful bill. And he does hold open town halls which have been packed and raucous lately. FWIW, he was bank rolled by the DeVos family for this seat and it was formerly held by Republicans who were willing to govern and compromise…like Gerry Ford and Paul Henry. Sad indeed.

    The DeVos family buys their way into a lot of things, but I never thought they would buy a cabinet seat. Their voucher proposal was soundly defeated in Michigan, but she seems hell bent (with the Orange One’s support) to take it national. I only hope 2018 brings some relief. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to unseat Amash. The last chance we had to defeat him was Patrick Miles (Harvard Law classmate of Obama) and when he didn’t win, it became hard to convince anyone good to run. Maybe in 2018…

    • Barbara

      I’m hoping things continue to go ‘south’ for all of the GOP and we do see change next year. Fingers crossed!

  9. Marcia @ Menopausal Mother

    Definitely a circus in the political arena now. Wish I could get into a time machine and travel four years into the future when the Great Orange One will be replaced by someone far more competent.

    • Barbara

      The billionaires simply cannot understand average people trying to make a living and raise families, Hope. The economic divide in this country is becoming wider and wider. I’m hopeful for 2018, but this circus is changing day to day.

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